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Oh man. Someone from the Red Cross called this afternoon, and I was so discombobulated from all the phone calls I've been getting today that I couldn't think up a plausible excuse for why I can't give blood next week. So I'm scheduled for 4:00 on Tuesday. I will leave the office at 3:45, give blood, pass out, regain consciousness, and go home. A full afternoon, to be sure.

I sort of crushed one of Francisco's testicles last night, and he wanted me to be sure and tell everyone about it so you'll know how I victimize him. It was totally an accident--I tossed the remote to him and didn't realize there was no way to throw it onto his lap without maiming him, for I do not have testicles of my own, and therefore lack that firsthand knowledge. So there, Francisco; happy now? They're all informed about what a bad person I am. Pfft, as though that were news.

This afternoon I got something in campus mail inviting me to participate in and/or attend the 25th annual juried art show and art sale, on campus on June 9, and by golly, I think I'm going to do it. Participate, that is. I have no art to display at this time, but surely I could create Something before June 9, right? I know I wouldn't win, but it could be fun. I asked my coworker if she was going to participate (knowing full well she would not) and she said "Sure I'm going to participate. I'm going to bring a head on a stick.", and naturally she was joking, but I was chagrined that I hadn't thought of it first. A head on a stick! Papier mache of course. I've been trying to get her to do it for real, but no luck so far. Stay tuned for exciting details about my new career as a bad artist. Woo!

Gotta return some calls.


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