Do a Lynndie


I know I shouldn't think this is funny, but I SO do. Get out your cameras, kids! Those pictures are killing me today.

Also, I command you to go download DJ Zeph's 'Floor Wax' (for free, from 3hive) and boogie on down. I bet you you'll be compelled to dance to that song; you won't be able to contain yourself. I'm throwing down a challenge here. Go download!

So, Francis has been pissing on us yesterday and today, and there was even a tornado warning in our general area today, but it didn't hit our house; I don't know where it went. And I guess we probably have Crazy Ivan to look forward to in a few days, though it won't be much more than rain when it gets to NC. This has been quite a hurricaney year so far, and we have, what? Two more months of hurricane season? Awesome.

Did I mention there's a guy at our gym in the mornings who looks like a young Jeremy Northam (which means that's his nickname)? He and his friend (who still needs a nickname--I'm considering Fritz, but nothing has been finalized) are there most mornings we are, and Potential Fritz drags coffee around with him. Today Jeremy Northam was there alone, and he had a clipboard. People are funny.

I was stuck on one part of Mitch Masters, Private Investigator, but Francisco made a suggestion a few minutes ago that's got the ball rolling again. I'll sign off here for now so I can get some work done on Mitch Masters. Oh, and maybe some actual work, if I feel like it.

Truthfully? I should be fired.



PS I don't know if my former coworker, Aaron (jello stapler Aaron, for those of you playing along at home), will read this entry, but if he does he will hopefully keep my secret. The secret being that I'm a terrible worker. I gave Aaron the diary url a few days ago, since he doesn't work here anymore, and hopefully he won't let it get back to El Jefe, because if he did I would have to have him killed.

PPS Work has gotten pretty slow during the past couple of weeks, so I'm not actually neglecting very much work. Just some. |


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