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Francisco and I have decided that the next house we buy will be a yurt. When we move back to Washington State in December [wait. I mentioned that before, right? That we're moving back west in December? Someone tell me if I didn't.], we will rent a house or apartment for awhile, and then we'll buy some land and build our yurt. We're not sure what style we want yet, but probably the Concentric. We love thinking about this--recently we've been talking all yurt, all the time. We are exciting people.

I can't think of anything to write lately, so today I am going to pimp out some sites I'm enjoying.

Chatchi's reviews on Amazon. One of the AtomicFriends pointed those out, and they're Great.

Kitty Cannon, the game. It's strangely compelling. My high score so far is 1100.

Chase Me, Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry-funny blog. Another AtomicFriend find.

Pink is the New Blog. Love it!

Flikr. I'm hooked on this and it's all Nicole's fault.

KEXP. WXDU is still my overall favorite, because they seem to play a more eclectic mix than KEXP, but KEXP is damn good. I'm 99% sure this is the station Twyla and Sonny were listening to a lot when we were at their place at Xmas last year, but they were listening to it on the actual radio, the lucky things.

Dear Universe,

Husky Ne'er Do-Well is now only $600. I trust you are keeping track of this painting's price, Universe, and will at some point send me bonus money of exactly enough to cover it. Will I need Paypal, Universe? I would prefer cash, but at any rate, please make it happen sometime, because you know how much I want that painting.


My coworkers and I are all convinced that another of our coworkers is with child. She had basically announced that she and her husband would be trying for a baby, and that was probably over a year ago, so we have reason to suspect it in the first place, but recently the clues are numerous and are all adding up. The smoking gun clue was her refusal to take communion [the wine variety] at a funeral she and many members of our office attended a couple of weeks ago. She is extremely religious, so this non-communion taking is telling (I think her normal church does the grape juice communion). I could list for you all the other clues, but that would be boring. Suffice it to say when she finally announces her pregnancy, no one is going to be surprised. We could just ask her if she is, but 1) I am hesitant to ask something like that, since she's not a good friend, 2) I don't know if she's been having infertility problems or anything (I cringed a little when she announced they were trying--I never take anyone's fertility for granted anymore; I know too many people who have had/are having problems conceiving), and 3) she specifically asked us not to ask her about it, because she wouldn't want to announce until she was through the first trimester (wise: I highly approve), but SHE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO LIE TO US IF WE ASKED. Because she's just that religious. I don't mind telling you she drives me a tiny bit crazy. If she's with child as we all suspect, she'll probably be quitting (she plans to stay home with her kids) right around the same time I will. This will be a big pain in the boss's ass, which is of course A Good Thing. Why am I telling you all this?? Beats me. I think I'll go home now.

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