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People, it's killing me that the Boy is growing up. I mean, I know he should grow up, and he's doing it very well (especially in comparison to my own adolescent trainwreck), but this latest thing is almost doing me in. Get this--we have tentative plans to take him and the girl he likes to the new Lord of the Rings movie, on December 20th. It will be basically a date, with us as the chauffeurs (I'm sure they won't sit with us at the theater), and I'm sure it'll be fine, but this feels like a big thing to me. I know it's not empirically a big thing, but it Feels like one. That girl better not break his heart.

I've decided to give my doctor's patience a workout. I had emailed her about getting a referral to someone who could tell me what I should be doing about the Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and she emailed back to say she'd spoken with a rheumatologist who said that what I need to be doing is living as healthfully as possible. And no referral for me. Ah, but see, I've been doing a lot of reading about autoimmune diseases and Hashimoto's, so now I have a dozen questions. I emailed her this morning to tell her that I have a lot of questions and I'm pretty sure she's too busy to answer and/or research them, so who should I ask? I think I'll wear her down eventually and get my referral, because I really do have a lot of questions and would in general like to know what kind of monitoring will be necessary for my thyroid and anything else that might potentially be a problem. Because see, the thyroid is getting worse and worse over time, so I don't know that the usual once a year blood test will be enough. I may be a nudge, but at least I'll be an informed nudge.

Huzzah, the weekend! So far our plans include making Atomic's Skor Bar, to give to my coworkers, and taking care of the last couple of gifts that need to be bought (online), plus a bunch of small stuff I can't remember right now. But there will be sleeping in, and most importantly, there will be not going to work, which is the best thing. Plus, we didn't watch Survivor last night but Phantom Dennis recorded it for us, so we have that to watch tonight. With cocktails. I love weekends.


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