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On Saturday Francisco and I were doing some errands and we walked past a previously empty store space that now had stuff in it, so we stopped and went in. The offerings seemed quite random and Francisco asked the guy who was standing in there, "Is this a store now?". The guy said, "Nah, it's mine and Larry's garage sale". Friends, do you see why I love this town?? The best thing in the garage sale was a set of 3 old pachinko machines ($50 for all three) that someone could clean up and hang on the wall as art, but that someone will not be me--I liked the pachinko machines but not enough to mess with them.

Yesterday morning I told Francisco that Esther was liable to get stuck in the main bathroom sometime, because I observed her push open the door (that was partially closed) and sashay in while the door bumped into the doorstop and then swung closed enough that she couldn't get out again. Lucy would be able to extricate herself from this predicament, because she is smarter than Esther and knows how to get her paw under the door and pull it toward her. But Esther only knows PUSH when it comes to doors--she is a student at the Midvale School for the Gifted. Anyway, I was rudely awakened just before 5:00 this morning, by the sound of a furious scratching. At first I thought Esther was scratching the brown paper bag full of stuff for the Goodwill that I'd left in the living room [she loves scratching paper bags--we like to say it's part of her religion], but then I had to conclude it was coming from the bathroom. And it was; the fool had gone and gotten herself stuck in there and she's lucky I heard her. I removed her and shut the door so she couldn't do it again, and this morning after Francisco called me to say hello, I told him he needs to close the bathroom door before leaving for work, because dog forbid she should be stuck in there for hours and hours with no food, water, or cat box. The yowling and excreting would be horrendous.

So, the weather was extremely inclement this weekend, which meant it would not be possible for us to pick up Sharky in Seattle, and we therefore had my parents keep him with the plan that they would put him on the bus tomorrow and I would go pick him up. The weather appears cooperative but the plan still had me stressing quite a lot, mainly because I don't know downtown Seattle very well and the Greyhound station isn't in a good area. But then, THEN a New Year's miracle happened: Twyla called Francisco this morning to ask him a question about tipping at tattoo studios, and when he mentioned I'm going to pick up Shark tomorrow she said, "But we're coming back tomorrow, so we could pick him up and bring him home". This will require my parents to put Shark on a very early bus tomorrow (6:30), but they don't mind (Francisco has talked to them), and Shark probably won't either, since that way he'll be more inclined to sleep on the bus. I don't mind telling you, this new plan has taken about 50 pounds of stress off my shoulders, and what I will do with my free time tomorrow is make Twyla and family some dinner--maybe a lasagna or something else they can throw in the oven and bake up real quick. Also probably cookies. And I may give them a pony.

Speaking of which, when Francisco and I were in the Fred Meyer on Saturday, I saw this big mechanical pony (maybe 3 feet tall or bigger) for sale, in the toy section. Some kids were looking at it and when they'd touch it it would make whinnying noises. Because I'm a freak I immediately felt sorry for it, and when one of the kids hit it in the face and it whinnyed loudly, I felt very upset. Because I am a freak. And I anthropomorphize inanimate objects. And that whinnying was pretty realistic. ROTTEN KIDS, I DO NOT LIKE YOU--KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THAT WRETCHED MECHANICAL PONY.

I have saved the Big news of the weekend until now, and the Big news is that my favorite favorite Flickr group is meeting in San Jose in February for Catie's birthday, and I'm going! It's really unlike me to make a solo travel decision without first considering it for, say, three to four months, but Southwest has really good prices, and it's CATIE, and this will undoubtedly be one of the most fun things ever, and how could I NOT go? I couldn't not go, that's how. So I heard about the party on Saturday and bought my tickets yesterday, and to me this is a crazy, whirlwind decision, but I have no doubt it is the right decision. Yay! I will take many, many pictures to share with you, Internet, provided my plane does not crash which I always think will happen. During my lunch hour today I was fretting about how I was going to get to SEATAC airport and back and then I decided to get some information about the shuttle bus I've heard goes from here to there, so I did. And I not only got the information but I also reserved a place on the shuttle and bought a round-trip ticket, so now the worry? Is gone. All I have left to decide is what to pack, and figure out the hotel and roommate situation, and those things are not worrying me. Wow, I am really happy.

Another good thing that happened today is that the awesome Francisco put up a mailbox, so now we can get all our mail at our new house. This is perfect timing because we're officially having our mail forwarded to our new address starting tomorrow, and I'm v. glad because I don't like having some of our mail still getting delivered to the old house and some being held at the post office. I like all my junk mail to arrive Together, dammit.

Tonight Francisco has to work, so I'll be at home alone for New Year's, but don't feel sorry for me because I really don't mind. It's my last night at home alone for awhile, what with Sharky coming back tomorrow, and I've never been a big celebrator of New Year's anyway. So what I'll do is make a good dinner for myself and maybe take some pictures of my yarn (which I was going to do last night but it didn't work out) or maybe read or watch television, or all the above. Also I will keep Esther from incarcerating herself in the bathroom--NOT that she will appreciate it--so as you can see, I have a full night ahead of me.

Happy New Year, Lovies. I hope 2008 will be SUCH a good year for you.




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