new camera....again


This weekend we went to the Goodwill twice (Saturday and Monday), and both times one of Ellensburg's main crazy people came in. His name is Kevin and he is always talking and laughing, or lecturing and yelling, depending on the circumstances. When I saw him on Saturday, he was talking to one of his invisible people, and I wanted to hear what he was saying, so I was deliberately browsing nearer and nearer to him. I couldn't really hear him (he was muttering), but I watched him and he had his eyes fixed on a place while talking. Based on where he was looking, he was talking to someone significantly shorter than he was, and when he'd move, his eyes remained fixed on that same place. While I was watching him, it occurred to me that maybe there really was someone there and I just couldn't see him/her. I mean, loads of non-crazy people believe in angels and spirits and ghosts. Is it really impossible that just because Kevin is crazy, he might actually be talking to someone invisible to the rest of us? Maybe the differences in the way his brain works cause him to be able to see invisible people, or something. I'm not committed to this theory, just so you know, but the idea of it fascinated me this weekend.

On Sunday Francisco and I watched a short documentary about the genetic history of dogs, and it was pretty interesting, but there was one part that absolutely killed us. It was when they were talking about inbreeding producing various problems; they touched upon the problem of narcolepsy, which apparently can be a problem for a few different breeds. They showed a couple of narcoleptic dogs, and one would think watching a dog involuntarily collapse into sleep might be a little sad, but instead it turns out to be hysterically funny. Both dogs they showed would fall asleep when they got excited or happy about something, right? So they'd be getting a food treat, or whatever, and would be so happy they'd just pass out. BOSS. We kept going back (thank you, Tivo!) to watch the scenes over again and we laughed until tears were rolling down our faces. If I ever hear of a narcoleptic dog that needs a home, I will adopt it immediately. You should be on the lookout too, for me, please, if not for yourself.

After watching that documentary on Sunday, we went to Yakima to do some shopping, and we went to a thrift store we hadn't been to before. I was looking for cameras, as usual, and I happened to see one I had considered buying from ebay a couple of months ago, but hadn't. It's a Yashica Electro 35 GSN:

okay, seriously? i'm on a hell of a lucky streak.

It was the only decent camera (aside from some Polaroids--especially one really beautiful old Polaroid that was way overpriced, since there's no film for it anymore) in the store and I couldn't believe it was the exact one I'd considered buying. The battery's dead (have to order a replacement from; Radio Shack doesn't carry it) so I don't know which of the sensors work or don't, but the shutter works on all speeds so I was willing to take a chance on it. It was priced $9.99 but it turned out to be 50% off, which HELLO so much the better--my lucky camera streak continues unabated. I bought a different camera this weekend also--a cheapo point and shoot--and I have no picture of that one. The one point and shoot we have has been making ominous noises when zooming, so I'm happy to have a backup.

I finished my new hat with the earflaps and kitty ears. The ears are a little wonky, but I don't care (dude, it was HARD to pick up stitches evenly on that part of the hat), as I'm 39 and will look silly wearing it in any case. I'm glad to have an earflap hat, since it's snowing again here today and is quite cold.

One last note about my weekend: I found and started voraciously reading the Best blog: Clueless in Carolina. The woman who writes it is super entertaining, and plus she talks about her daughters (entertainingly), who she adopted from China (the same area Baby Frances is from, I believe), and they are adorable. Anyway, if you've been longing for a new blog, and you don't have hate feelings towards people who adopt from other countries* then this could be the blog for you.


* Oh, but a side note about that? You know how some people say, "People shouldn't adopt from overseas--we have to take care of our own first!"? I think everyone on the planet is "our own", and not just on the issue of adoption, but with poverty and disease and etc. To place higher importance on a person living within the invisible borders drawn by people is ludicrous, I think. And that is all I want to say about that.



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