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This was a really super good weekend. On Saturday Sharky left early to go to a soccer game in Spokane (thank dog for carpooling) and Francisco and I did all our house chores early and went on the Great Yarn Tour of 2006. I had intended to go to a yarn store in Yakima, but Francisco found out via the interweb that it's apparently online only, which is weird. Why advertise a location if no one can go there? Francisco did a yarn shop search and devised a route that took us up to Leavenworth, through Cashmere, through Wenatchee, and back down to home. The Leavenworth shop was nice--a little TOO nice, cha-ching!--and they didn't have the yarn I was looking for [Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride]. The Cashmere shop was quite small but had lovely yarn and accessories [still no Lamb's Pride], but in Wenatchee we hit the jackpot--tons of yarn, including lots of Lamb's Pride. I bought some blue for a hat for Max, and apple green and bright red for mittens I'm making for a friend who's trading me prints of some of her photos. I was going to make pink and orange ones, but then I saw the green and red and that was it. I'm stoked about the colors; the mittens will be like candy apples and fortunately I'll have enough yarn to make two pairs, meaning one pair for me. I'm making myself a pair of mittens already, because I had turquoise yarn for just that purpose and wanted to test out the pattern I have to make sure I understood it, since I'd never made mittens before, before I make my friend's. I did most of a turquoise mitten yesterday and just have the a little more of the hand and the thumb to finish. So far the pattern seems to be working out fine, though these test mittens will be a bit snug on me [see also: man hands]. When I make another pair for myself, I'll use bigger needles.

Also on Saturday morning, Francisco cut my hair. I thought he cut a little too much off and was prepared to be angry at him, but luckily after I dried it I discovered it looked pretty cute. Anger=Narrowly Averted. Here is a classy self portrait I took at a rest area in Quincy, WA--it shows the shorter hair:

just the two of us

Saturday night after we got home, I made risotto. I mention this only because it was the first time I'd cooked anything in quite awhile; it turned out great. Sunday night I also made dinner, but it was only burritos, which are good but not exactly difficult. It would be good for me to start cooking more often, since after Francisco gets a full-time job, we'll be sharing dinner-making duties, and I don't want that to be Too big a shock to my system. Am I boring you? TOUGH.

Yesterday morning we did the usual Goodwill trip. It was not so fruitful this time, but that's okay, since I did quite well the previous weekend. I got a black wool jacket (lightweight--more cardigany than jackety), and a Fuji single use flash camera, still in the packaging (expired!). After the Goodwill we went next door to the Fred Meyer, where we bought necessary food items, and plus I got stripey socks to wear with my new Danskos [verdict: cute]. I also looked for spirit gum but didn't see it, so instead I bought eyelash glue, thinking it would work for moustaches. It doesn't (not powerful enough), and now I guess I'll have to buy eyelashes so this stupid glue doesn't go to waste. My Mennonite heritage* won't allow me to waste things.

This morning marked a return to Project Wither; we went to the gym and I'm back on the going hungry plan. I think this is an extremely good thing, though I know I'll be going hungry for a very long time to achieve my goal. I feel the time is ripe for a transformation, so I'd best get to it, yes? I just wrote out the things I brought to work to eat today and then realized most people would rather bleed from the eyeballs than read a list of my little foods. So just take my word for it; my foods are really quite tiny. It's a good thing I have projects to do during my lunch hour so I don't have time to just sit and dwell about all the things I'm not eating. They are legion.

I'm so bored at work today--there's nothing to do and my boss is out of town so I can't even ask for something to do (my coworkers don't have anything much either). And I can't play on the internet, with the exception of my lunch hour, which is when I'm posting this, so what's a girl to do? Pretending to work gets really old really fast. Rich and I had an exciting raised-voice discussion (not a fight) about a book he lent me, but that only lasted maybe 10 minutes and then it was back to boredom. DAMMIT.

I hope your day is more interesting than mine.



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