Hello Internet,

Today I've been busy working, and yesterday I wasn't that busy but I procrastinated writing an entry til the end of the day, and then I suddenly had things demanding attention. Annoying.

I don't have a lot of news to share, though. Yesterday I took the last picture on the roll of black and white I had in the Smena and rewound it last night. Francisco dropped it off to be processed today and I'll pick it up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it'll be the worst roll yet, since this is the first time I've shot black and white and I know I messed up some camera settings a few times. I'm trying to keep my expectations low so I'm not too disappointed, actually, because I Really want to get good at photography, but I have a way to go on that.

Oh, but I did read half the digital camera manual and learned some things. I was pretty lazy this weekend, which is why I got through only half the manual, and this is probably also why:

let the weekend begin

Dreas gave me the recipe for those and I had intended to drunk dial him and sing him the Golden Girls theme song, but I forgot. Maybe next time.

I played with the multiburst feature a little bit, and this is my favorite of the results:

16 Esthers

If you want to see more detail on that (and who wouldn't? I mean, it's ESTHER), click on it and when you're at the picture on Flickr, click view all sizes.

So listen to this. You know the ebay seller who's trying to rip me off? I thought he lived in Thailand for some reason, because his address wasn't listed but his listings stated the items are being shipped from Asia, and I think I cross pollinated him with an ebay seller who lives in Thailand and that idea stuck in my head. But then Francisco found the receipt I'd printed out when I paid for the jersey and his address is listed--Bronx, NY. The full street address is on there, but no phone number and no name other than his seller name, so I did a reverse phone number lookup and I have two names and phone numbers for people living at that address (the guy lives in apartment 2, but I had to omit the apartment number when doing the search). I emailed the paypal-like service (marketplace? market-something I think) to ask if they could give me his phone number because he won't refund me or send me the item I bought, and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'm going to call him up and hassle him until he either sends me what I bought or gives me a refund. If I can't get confirmation of his phone number, I will call those two guys and, through trickery and deceit if need be, get one of them to admit he's the seller. I will then call him every day until I get my jersey. If need be, or if it seems like a satisfying thing to do, I will set an alarm and call him at 2 in the morning. He hasn't responded to me since I emailed him back on January 10 and I'm really super pissed off now. I'm already emailing him every day via ebay but I'll start the phone calls and wear him down until I get a refund or what I paid for. I'm generally a reasonable person but I am now entirely riled and refuse to be ripped off without a fight.

And with that, I bid you good day.

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