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You know what makes me fairly sad? That I have exactly the wrong kind of hair for hat-wearing. Some lucky people (possibly including you) have the kind of hair that allows them to put on and take off hats with careless abandon, whereas if I put on a hat, it's an all-day commitment, since my hair immediately molds to the shape of my head and will not be coaxed back into springiness without a washing. I have many, many knitting patterns for fantastic hats, but what's the point of making hats for myself if I can only wear them when I don't need to be seen by another living soul after removing them?

But on the subject of things that make me happy, this morning I read what is surely the most perfect sentence ever written. Are you ready for it? If I know my supermodels (and according to the half-dozen or so draped across my bed in a jenga of crack-glazed longing, I certainly do), 'rehabilitation' is just one of those words that have no meaning, like 'sobriety' or 'god' or 'non-edible underwear'. I'm sure I don't have to tell you my most favorite part is the "jenga of crack-glazed longing" bit. This sentence has been brought to you by The Superficial, a truly awesome site.

Francisco called this afternoon to inform me Sharky has now reached 5'8"--he wasn't quite 5'7" the last time Francisco measured him, a couple of months ago. This explains where all that food has been going. It's very pleasing to see huge amounts of food resulting in height instead of girth. And speaking of food, I smell delicious today, because I left my sweater sitting on the kitchen table while getting ready for work, and while Francisco was browning a roast and some onions. I am mouthwateringly lovely.

I fear Esther might be getting sick again, but I hope I'm wrong because it's only been 2 months since the last episode. That would be very disheartening and probably send me into a black pit of depression, so uh. I hope she's just having allergy problems. Fingers crossed!

Songs of the Day:

Iron & Wine -- Waitin' For A Superman, at Gorilla vs. Bear.

The Damned -- Jet Boy, Jet Girl, at Charles Bronson vs. God. WOO-HOO, I've been trying to find this forEVer!!! I have the Elton Motello version already but The Damned version is way better (heard it on the radio but couldn't find it anywhere). This makes me very happy--thank you, Charles Bronson vs God!

Ananda Shankar & State of Bengal -- Pluck, at Feed Me Good Tunes.

Okay, that about does it for today. Still boring, but maybe stuff will happen this weekend that I can talk about on Monday.

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