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Well, today I've meticulously organized all my interweb bookmarks, but I Didn't Start that Freaking Brochure. I'm a little afraid of it, because I know how much excruciating work it's going to be. I guess I'll start tomorrow morning. Dammit.

Last night I investigated the upstairs bathroom, where the litterbox is, because there was a strong cat pee smell coming from upstairs and Francisco had very recently changed the litter. It wasn't the litterbox, it was the little rug/bathmat. The cats were apparently protesting us keeping their litter box in the bathtub by pissing on the rug. It was practically soggy with piss. I gingerly carried it downstairs to the washing machine and washed it thoroughly (extra soap, extra long wash, extra rinse) and it is clean now, but Man. Cats can be so stubborn, but they got what they wanted--we removed their box from the bathtub. We hypothesize they didn't like stepping on leftover water, after Boy has showered and replaced the box in the tub, so they just weren't getting in there. I love them so much; they crack me up.

The West Wing season premiere is tonight! I've read that it's a really good episode, and I am very, very excited. Also a tv thing, I missed the first Survivor episode last Thursday, due to having no cable (the hurricane) but I watched about half of it on Sunday night and I heard what happened in the other half. I think this Survivor go-round is going to be pretty good. I mean, a fat guy in a skirt? Thank you sir; can I have another?


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