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I think sometimes people wonder if it bothers me that Francisco spent so much time pursuing a PhD that he is not going to use in his career, and the answer to that is No. We had a pretty good 9 years in North Carolina and I do not regret moving there because I can't really imagine we'd have been happier living elsewhere. Possibly if we'd had to borrow a bunch of money so he could do his PhD and were therefore in debt now for it I would be annoyed that he's switched to policing as his desired career, but fortunately Duke paid for his PhD. That's the way it tends to work at the rich universities; if they admit you to a PhD program, you'll get free tuition and a big stipend. So if policing is going to make him happier than teaching at a college, then I say go for it, and also I love where we're living and if he was going to pursue a professor career, there's no telling where we'd have to move. The only thing I don't like about the police thing is the weird schedules he'll have to work. When he was going to be a professor, I got used to the idea that we'd have weekends off together, but that's not the way the police operate. The NERVE. Vacations will also be problematic, but we'll work that out, I'm sure. Anyway, Francisco is having his oral board interview for the city cop job right this very minute, and everything I have is crossed for him, even my ovaries which is No Mean Feat. I would love for him to work for the city, so I'm kind of tense on his behalf, but I'm sure he'll do quite well.

Big news, Internet: I changed shampoos. So far the hair looks pretty good but I'm waiting for it to start looking horrible, because that's the way it usually works when I try to get all back to nature and shampoo with stuff from the health food store. This shampoo (and conditioner; I got the matching set) smells sooooo goooood though, Internet--it's green tea and fennel seed scented--so I can't imagine how I would have resisted buying and using it; can you? No you cannot--don't argue with me.

Things We Ate This Weekend:

cheese raviolis in a sage cream sauce (Friday night--Francisco and I went out)
carrot cake
quiche (Twyla, Sonny, and the girls came over for brunch on Sunday)
Manhattan clam chowder
Dove chocolates (just me, so far. bought them yesterday and hid them from Sharky so he wouldn't eat the whole bag in one sitting, which he could totally do)

Things We Watched on Television This Weekend:

Liverpool vs Fulham (Liverpool won--yay!)
loads of Changing Rooms episodes
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
My Name is Earl
Sarah Silverman Program

Things We Purchased From Thrift Stores This Weekend:

Christmas gifts (we're exchanging secondhand and homemade gifts with Francisco's family this year)
an enameled iron saucepan
a Canon underwater camera
a couple of patterns
a great overhead light fixture
I can't remember what else, but Sunday was a great day for thrifting

Photos of the Day:



Tonight I'll be making dinner and I think I'll make chicken mole with tortillas and salad--how does that sound to you, Internet? I'll assume you said it sounds good. You have excellent taste.




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