or you could just carry a rocking chair up to the windows and sit there, rocking slowly while watching the exercisers


Francisco and I went for another walk yesterday morning; a much hikier walk this time, in a state park we didn't even know existed, and it's only about 5 minutes from our house. It was a gorgeous day, I loved it. Yesterday afternoon we saw Transporter 2 [rad fighting and driving scenes; ridiculous ending], and that was about all we did with our Labor Day. Francisco made raviolis and salad for dinner, and I was going to take a picture of the food for the Flickr Monday Night Dinner Group--I even had it all arranged in a tableau with some Homies--but when I went to take the picture, I received the warning, 'Camera Battery Exhausted!'. So much for that, because I was Not going to wait for that battery to charge up before I ate my dinner. I was Hungry.

Friends, on Friday a cable company guy will be coming to our house to install some cable box thingy which will allow us to have the Fox Soccer Channel. Do I even have to tell you how excited I am about this??? I thought not. The problem with is, we couldn't just add the soccer channel to our basic cable package--we had to upgrade to a premium package, and we will now be getting 180 CHANNELS, which is just Way too many channels, in my opinion. I'm not at all pleased about that, but there was no other way to get the soccer channel, so we did what we had to do. I don't even want to see what new channels we get, besides the soccer channel--I've been watching a lot less television lately, and I have no desire to increase my viewing. Damn you, cable company!

So, Esther is pretty much cured now; I haven't heard her cough in a couple days at least. Poor girl. I hope she can go a few months without getting an infection now--this last one was pretty bad and was slow to clear up. I took some pictures of her and Lucy with their shared boyfriend, the blonde action figure, this weekend--if you want to see them, they're at Flickr with the hike pictures I mentioned above. Status report on my love for Flickr: Still going strong.

This weekend I cooked and burned cds and knitted and did chore things and read and slept and ate and did all manner of nice life-type things. I loved having that extra day and was a little surly about having to come back to work this morning, but it could be worse.

I've had a brainstorm idea that I really love, and maybe someday I will do something about it. You know how some gyms have big walls of windows, and they will arrange the treadmills and bikes and etc to face the window wall? I would love to take advantage of that readymade captive audience to do weird stuff outside the windows: Little pantomime plays, staged fights, fashion shows, choreographed dances, a fake dog show--I've got a whole bunch of ideas written down in my paper journal. And I imagine there'd be one killjoy who would object to people doing stuff outside the gym when he's trying to pedal, but if it were you on a treadmill, wouldn't you want to be distracted by a bit of silliness? Because see, I would. I'm in love with this idea.

That's about all I've got and I have to run off home now. Have a good night!

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