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Clipping the cats' claws last night was surprisingly difficult. Esther, who is normally quite docile during claw clipping was all twisty/cranky/flaily and it took twice as long to get the job done. She also shed a handful of white fur all over my black shirt, and I KNOW she did it on purpose. Lucy, who is Never docile during claw clipping, was even more resistant than usual to my attempts to capture her in a towel (the only way to hold onto her for the clipping). I got ahold of her, but not good enough, because she slipped out and fled. Then I got her again, better that time, but she managed to squirm out and leg it again. Fortunately her cat brain thought our clothes closet would be a good hiding place. HA--trapped! I mummified her like crazy and all she could do while her claws were being shorn was growl menacingly, which is just so darn cute! Anyway, obviously this isn't, like, a big, interesting news item, but it was pretty amusing for me, personally, last night--especially all that chasing of Lucy; that was fun.

Have we talked about Banksy before? Because his stuff is just amazing. That is all.

Last night we watched Tokyo Story [from Netflix] which an article in The Guardian talked about this past week, because Halliwell's Film Guide says it's the best film ever made. Usually that honor goes to Citizen Kane, but not this time, and since we hadn't seen Tokyo Story I ran right over to Netflix to put it on our list and bump it to the top. Tokyo Story is slow-moving and though it's extremely beautiful to look at from the very first shot, it took me a little while to get why that guide considers it the best film. It became slowly more and more poignant without getting heavy handed, and basically I really loved it. I probably haven't watched enough of the top contenders for best film to have an informed opinion on whether it's the best or not, but I liked it more than Citizen Kane, so that's about all I can tell you. If you can deal with slow-moving films (I know that's not everyone's cup of chowder), I recommend Tokyo Story very highly.

Francisco is home with Sharky and his friends this afternoon. We're going to shovel some pizza into them around 5:30 and then take them to a 6:45 showing of Lords of Dogtown. Francisco also ordered Sharky a big cookie, which is what Sharky said he wanted as his birthday dessert (none of us are big on cake, unless it's ho-made, and even then Sharky's not a huge fan) for after the movie. Francisco said when he was ordering it the woman raised her eyebrow at the message he wanted written on it--Happy Birthday, Stupid--but she wrote it down without comment. I'm sure hardly anyone but us uses Stupid as a term of endearment, so I understand her raised eyebrow, but I know Sharky will think it's funny, and that's what matters, right?

I have no song of the day for you today, but I'll make it up to you on Monday with at least two.

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