Where am I?


I am having a very weird day. This morning at around 4:30 Francisco woke me up because I was snoring (sore throat, you know) and after that I couldn't go back to sleep for awhile. The alarm went off at 5:30 (for the exercise--it was an aerobic day today, as opposed to the weight-lifting) but Francisco didn't move, so I didn't either. I fell asleep perhaps 10 minutes after that and had about 8 hours worth of dreams in 50 minutes (woke up again at 6:30). I will not try to describe my dreams except to say they were completely bizarre and I still feel like I'm dreaming. My head is so muddled and floaty; I'm having trouble concentrating on everything and I also sort of want to cry a little. It's a dream hangover or something, and it is most unpleasant. I had a dentist appointment this morning at 9:30, for a cleaning, and OMG, it was awful. The woman who's been cleaning my teeth for the past 6 years has recently retired, so now I have to break in a whole new person. She was very sweet and all, but she hit every one of my recessions, on every pass, and at one point I thought I might have a meltdown, because she smeared a bunch of that gritty shit on my teeth, in preparation for the polishing, and it was hitting all the nerves on one tooth's recessed gum area--it would not stop hurting. Plus, she used cherry flavor, and I don't know about you, but I far prefer mint. I've never liked having my teeth polished--I know some people really like that, but I'd rather give it a miss. Also, regarding the x-rays? I had to have the panoramic x-ray, plus the bite-wings, and they put a lead apron on me, as per usual, but I was wondering why no one has made a lead skullcap. Because my brain is my favorite organ, and it's getting all that radiation, so I would really love a lead skullcap during dental x-rays. Do you hear that, inventors? Please do something to protect my brain.

This is really all I can manage today.

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