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Last night when Francisco was preparing the girls' nightly tuna treat, I walked into the kitchen and Esther, who was sitting at Francisco's feet, waiting, gave me a look which said, "Uh oh--YOU don't want any, do you? Because, um, you could eat a Lot". That's the way I interpreted the look, anyway, and I feel it's my right to anthropomorphize my cats' looks and actions all I want, since that IS, after all, one of the joys of having animals living in your house. Am I right, people? The nightly tuna feeding is working out better than I could have imagined. The cats leave us totally alone 4 out of 5 nights of the week now, and that 5th night is only minor annoyances. Esther hasn't coughed in a week (not the result of the nighttime tuna, but a happy coincidence) or made repeated assaults on my pillow. She got on my pillow the night before last, but I moved her to the foot of the bed and she didn't come back. On a side note, how is it that a 14.5 pound cat can manage to weigh 40 pounds when she doesn't want to be moved? I think she's a witch.

Okay, this next topic might be pretty boring for a lot of people (I estimate a medium-high boredom factor), so I'm letting you know in case you want to skip the paragraph. What I want to tell you is, this no eating sugar thing? Has truly done remarkable things for me. I used to say I had an abnormally high sugar tolerance, and that was probably true, who knows, but since I stopped eating desserts and all but the smallest amount of sugar (a little honey in tea, occasionally a little sugar in espresso), I've noticed that I feel mentally and physically much healthier. I know there are people doing the *coughBULLSHIT!cough* thing right now, but I swear it's true. The mood swings I used to get with pms are much less frequent and severe, there's way less noise in my head (which makes me sound crazy, but what I'm talking about is the lack of focus where my brain skitters from topic to topic, making it hard to concentrate on things. The brain still does that a bit, but I've noticed it has greatly lessened.), and I don't get food cravings very often. It used to be that every night after dinner I wanted (no. WANTED) some chocolate or something, but now I have my dinner and never even think about dessert. I'm sure that's a perfectly normal thing for many people, but for me it's like A Giant Upheaval of Life As I Know It. There are times I think, 'hey, I could have a tiny bit of chocolate or a bite of dessert', but then I always immediately reject the idea. I don't want the sugar because I enjoy this even keel I'm on and I want to keep it going. So to sum up, the sugarless life has been good to me. The End.

This afternoon I had to hurry up and finish editing a section of a university publication, and because I naturally waited until the very last minute to do it (I suck), none of the people I needed to contact to get projected cost figures was available. I was able to get some of the info off various campus webpages, but some of it I flat out made up. The thing was supposed to get into campus mail today, but I missed that deadline, so it'll go out on Monday morning and be a little bit late. I hope the recipient asked to have the stuff back before she truly needed it; that's what I'd do. Anyway, about the made-up stuff, I doubt anyone will even notice, and at any rate, I included a disclaimer that the figures were Estimated; I just didn't say who estimated them. I am wily.

Tonight is Cocktail Friday at my house (attended by me and Francisco) and we're having gimlets. Tomorrow Francisco goes to a shooty shoot and tomorrow night we have the One Ring Zero thing, which I am very excited about. Sunday we don't have plans but the Boy has been invited to a Superbowl Party (his first) and Francisco and I will do something that in no way involves football, because we don't like that sport. My only other activity this weekend (aside from laundry and etc) is to work on Matilda's blanket, and I know I can get it done by Monday, because it's almost 2/3 done already (a benefit of using chunky yarn). Still haven't gotten to see pictures of her, but I know they'll be up soon. I feel like her cyber-aunt or something; it's fun.

Oh, one more thing. Some lady called our office today a few times to ask questions about the school, and she said her daughter attends here. The counselor of that alphabet section tried to access the daughter's information on the computer system and could not find her ANYwhere. The daughter supposedly transferred here from a community college in FL, but the mom hasn't heard from her in awhile. The mom is also, regrettably, CRAZY AS A FUCKING LOON, so what I think may have happened is her daughter had enough of the insanity and told her mom she was transferring here, but instead took off for parts unknown. After hearing about the conversations a few of my coworkers had with the mom today, if the daughter took off, I don't think I could blame her. But this thing made me think of something I'd heard about at my last college, where some guy's parents showed up at his graduation but saw he wasn't listed with the other graduating students. They asked the registrar's office about it and found out the kid had never attended the school. For four years his parents had mailed him checks to pay his tuition and living costs (and just so you know, that college is among the most expensive in the country) and for four years he lied to them, spent the money, and then disappeared when graduation came and the jig was up. Can you imagine such a thing? I hope that guy feels deep, deep shame for doing that to his parents. If I were his parents (and specifically, if I had the kind of money to pay approx. $150,000 out of pocket for my kid's education) I would be very tempted to do my own disappearing act. Sell the house, move to the Carribean, and spend his damn inheritance. I told the Boy that story once as a cautionary tale; the cautionary part being, "..and if you ever do something like that to us, I will hunt you down like a dog in the street".

Bye, I'm going home now. Have a great weekend!!

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