I even handwashed sweaters, and I Hate doing that


I started getting a cold this weekend, and so did not attend the Intergalactic bead festival yesterday. I was going to go anyway, but then I realized the chance I would find the ring blanks I want was very slim, and I would have to drive 1/2 hour and pay $5 admission to not find them. This did not appeal. I've been mostly at home this weekend, and I've gotten a lot done, cold notwithstanding.

The Rodent is back. Or rather, probably not the same rodent, but a rodent who has replaced the previous rodent in the position of The Rodent. It's periodically very noisy and tonight it was scurrying around so much even the Boy noticed it. We told him it was The Rodent, who got inside our walls to escape the brutal cold outside (well, not Brutalbrutal, but it's been getting into the teens at night, and that's pretty cold for here), and he got a nervous look on his face and asked, "But what if it lays eggs?" Did we mock him for this? Oh yes, yes we did. We mocked him mercilessly, don't worry. We're not too concerned about The Rodent, since he/she/it will probably leave when the weather warms up. The last Rodent did, and hopefully the new Rodent will get the memo.

I'm tired and I have clean sheets to sleep on tonight, so I'm going to get ready for bed now. Sleep well,


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