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This morning when I was driving to work I was listening to my favorite station and they played The Most Brilliant rendition of the Stones' 'Start Me Up' that I could ever wish to hear. It was like this crazy country/bluegrass version with banjos and harmony and I just about drove off the road. Based on this one song, I am now convinced that there are more people out there making insanely innovative music than I ever imagined, and I am missing out on most of it. I am chagrined.

Last night's Buffy was so depressing. I'm not going to talk about it, because my friend Diana, who lives in Seattle, is a huge Buffy fan and sometimes the show is rescheduled out there due to a baseball game, and I don't want to give anything away in case she didn't see it. I Will say, though (not a spoiler) that I've figured out how they can kill Caleb, but of Course they won't do it my way. The perfect weapon to use against him is.....a GUN. Because, hello, he's human! And very very evil! I know the writers like to keep everything kicky and punchy, but it's retarded for the characters not to come up with a gun as the weapon of choice against this particular foe. I can suspend disbelief over the whole vampires and demons thing, but for them not to think of getting a gun is ridiculous and unacceptable. That is all.

So the southeast had an earthquake yesterday, as I'm sure you've heard. We didn't feel it where we are, but it's funny how exciting the earthquake was to the news people. Francisco and I were talking about it and he said it's obvious the southeast has never had a major earthquake (or at least, not within memory) because if they had people would've worried about whether the earthquake was the main event or whether it was a foreshock to a larger earthquake. That's what Francisco and I were wondering when we heard about the quake, which I guess is a side effect of having been through the Northridge earthquake in 1994. Now THAT was an earthquake a guy could take home to mama. It took me a few years to get over being creeped out when it was dark in our apartment after that earthquake, probably because it was dark when the earthquake happened. And when I have to stop under a bridge or overpass for whatever reason, I Still get a little apprehensive; all due to my friend the Northridge quake. I would really love it if I never felt the earth shake like that again. Thank you cooperate.

My cat, Lucy, is so predictable. Last night when I was getting ready for bed I noticed that their food dish was nearing emptiness and I made a mental note to add some food before bed, but I forgot. At about 5 this morning I heard the pitter-patter of little feet, tearing around the house. It was Lucy. If her food dish gets too low she will do passive-aggressive things (or anyway, things that would be passive-aggressive if People did them) to get me out of bed. First it's the running around. If that doesn't do it she moves on to the 'standing on my pillow, burrowing her face in my hair' technique. I didn't get up for the running this morning (the running almost never gets me up), and when Lucy got onto the bed and made for my pillow, I turned my head and hissed at her. And then growled, and she paused, clearly nonplussed by this unexpectedly cattiness. She went away for a minute and then returned to the pillow. Without moving, I growled again (that kind of low throat growling cats do), and that was the last I saw/heard from her this morning until I got up at 6:30 and filled her food dish. I think that sometimes the only thing cats will choose to understand is cat-like behavior. All the telling her "No!" does nothing, and I know she knows what No means. Still, I'm going to try and make sure her dish is reasonably full at night, because she can be a total nudge in the morning, and Eva likes her sleep.

Work is still busy, so this is all for now. Hope your day is going well.


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