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I've gotta make this quick, because I'm writing this at work and it's nearing 5:00, but oh lambies; this job has been killing me lately. Friday and today there were constant lines of students coming to check on stuff or ask questions or fill out forms (or all of the above), and I am TIRED. The concepts of 1) a desk schedule and B) a lunch hour are ludicrous, and this busyness should last through this week, at least. In one way it's kind of nice, because the day flies by, but mainly it's just hard. Fortunately I've learned enough that I almost never have to ask questions of coworkers, so I'm feeling at least somewhat competant, and that's good.

This weekend:

--Francisco and I did some preparatory nesting, now that it's getting chilly. We changed to the down comforter and reorganized clothes and things and purged stuff we didn't want. We bought two great chairs at a yard sale (have been needing chairs) for $20: a photo will be forthcoming. I really enjoyed the nesting and I love our new used chairs.

--I did some thrift shopping (big surprise--it's like my favorite thing nowadays). Got a couple of sweaters, a great pair of shoes, some [ATTENTION MAX!] adhesive moustaches, a fleece jacket, a roll of expired film, and
a couple more cameras. One is pretty cool:

Ansco 1045

The other is a panoramic camera and hasn't been photographed yet. It's a cheapy plastic one, though a tiny bit sturdier feeling than most of my cheapy plastic ones, and I have hopes it will produce some interesting results. Both of these new cameras were 99 cents each, making them impossible to resist.

--Francisco cut my hair, and he did a great job. First I asked him to cut an inch and a half off the length, and after he did that, I pulled most of my hair (except the longest part) to the top of my head in sort of a clump, and he cut about an inch and a half off of that, which produced layers. Then I trimmed an inch or so off the front part (what would be bangs if I wore bangs), et voila--a cute haircut! Seriously, I'm quite happy with it, and I see no reason to pay someone to do this for me when Francisco's so handy with the scissors. And besides, every dollar I save on haircuts I can spend on film and film processing. Score!

But speaking of money stuff, do you remember how I was preparing myself to be poor, after we moved back to WA? I was sure we were going to be quite a lot poorer, and though I'm being paid a bit less than at my last job, the fact that the health insurance costs less (I'm working for The Man, i.e the state) and that there isn't a state income tax here means my take-home pay is scarcely $100 less per month. We're not poor! This is very good news. I mean, we're not rich, by any means, but at least I can buy 99 cent cameras without having to check the bank balance first, and that's all I need.

Here are my favorite photos from the cross processed roll:




There you have it.




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