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I know I talk about Esther a lot, but it's because she amuses me several times a day, and I just love her so much. This morning I lifted weights, and when I was bench pressing, Esther was standing on my right side, rubbing her face on my elbow every time it came within reach. A couple times she rared up and thrust her face at my elbow, and basically I was lifting and giggling, lifting and giggling. I tell you, people who have never had a cat in their lives don't know what they're missing.

Today is quite a Monday. Nothing bad has happened, but I feel very lethargic (despite having been in bed at 9:30--can you believe that geriatric bedtime??) and everything I've done today has seemed difficult. PLUS my boss is being assier than usual and has enraged me with his superior attitude half a dozen times. I've been avoiding him, so the enragement has occurred after accidentally overhearing things he's said to others. One thing he did was disparage Clay Aiken for not being able to throw a baseball from the pitcher's mound to the catcher (he threw out the first ball at some game, and I guess it didn't go very well). Now, I'm not a Clay Aiken fan--I think he has a good singing voice, but I don't watch American Idol so I don't care one way or another. But to completely dismiss a person because he can't throw a baseball very far is ridiculous and wrong and infuriating. And that's my boss--if he can find some way to dismiss every talent you have for one you don't, he'll do it. I can tell my pms is starting to take hold--I always hate that man when I'm pmsing; it's like clockwork.

Francisco took that lady's purse back to her today (he not only finds purses, he delivers them afterwards) and she wasn't home, but her housekeeper was there to accept the purse. The fact she has a housekeeper makes me a lot less sorry for her for losing her purse in the first place. Also, that was a very ugly purse for a woman who could afford a housekeeper.

I don't really have anything to report, since I updated yesterday and nothing good has happened since then, except to say that we've seen a lot of pictures of Boy on his camp's website, and the best one is of him waterskiing. I might have to post that so you can see how cute he is. And waterskiing! He's getting so grown-up. Did I ever tell you about the first time he belly laughed? We were visiting my parents at Christmas and Boy was 5 months old. That was only the second time we'd met him (he slept through the first time) but he wasn't afraid of us or anything. He was sitting on his mom's lap and I was close to him, playing with him, so that when he kicked his foot out it hit me in the stomach. I fell backwards like he'd knocked me over, and he looked at me, confused. I resumed my close position and he kicked me again, so I fell backwards, dramatically. We repeated this one more time and he made the connection that he was kicking me over (hypothetically) and he started laughing really hard. When he stopped laughing we did the kick/fall over thing again and he laughed, and lather, rinse, repeat--that kid must've "kicked me over" a couple dozen times. I was so happy that I, his previously unknown aunt, was making him laugh his head off; I would've fallen over 100 more times for that laughing. And now that laughing baby is 12 and is waterskiing at a camp 250 miles from here. Time passes.

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