Halloween was a bust


Last night we watched American Pimp (Netflix) and I was really appalled by the pimps and their attitudes. I mean, I didn't expect to like them or approve of the way they live off women, but they were even more vile than I'd imagined. However. One of them said something I can't get out of my head, and I'm going to have to use it for my own devices. He said, "I'm not no woman beatin' motherfucker, but I WILL lay my goon hand down". It's that last part that is haunting me, and fortunately it is useful on so many occasions. I told Boy and his friend to go to bed last night and warned them I Would lay my goon hand down. See? Versatile.

We got almost no trick or treaters last night, which was very disappointing, since we put more effort into Halloween this year than we ever have. I think they all went to the new housing development next to our neighborhood (one of those places with the McMansions I hate so much), but they were fools. The kids that came to our house got not only a lot of candy each, but also some Hell money, as per Atomic's suggestion. They loved the Hell money--they thought it was real money, though we told them it wasn't. Next year we'll still buy candy to give out, but we won't decorate and wear costumes, because what's the point if most people will skip our house in favor of the big houses nearby? Asses.

Francisco just stuck his head in to tell me he just called the Williams-Sonoma headquarters about our breadmachine, which has been out of commission for months due to the seal in the bowl/baking pan thing having come out. We took the bowl/baking pan into the store when that happened and they said we might need to order a new one from the headquarters but they were real vague and unhelpful. Now that it's fall we have a yen to bake bread again, and the W-S headquarters said we didn't have to buy a bowl/baking pan--we just need to take the whole machine back to the store and they'll give us a new one. As glad as I'll be to have my breadmachine back, I Hate that kind of wastefulness. The machine itself works great, but apparently they don't make that model anymore, so they can't replace the bowl thing. How aggravating--another breadmachine in a landfill somewhere. It's the American way. Have I mentioned I hate the American way?

You should see all the vampire stuff our Tivo has recorded for us. I guess this is because we set up a season pass for Angel, but also we put Eddie Izzard on our wish list, so Tivo recorded Shadow of the Vampire, which he was in. I don't think Tivo is getting the right impression of who we are. Is it abnormal for me to care what Tivo thinks of us? We're not vampire fetishists, Tivo. Honest!

Yesterday when I was driving home from work I saw a guy walking along the sidewalk who was dressed like a gladiator and was wearing one of those slit-eye helmets that looks like an upside-down bucket. He was carrying a shield and a jousting pole, and he made me laugh. I love seeing people dressed up funny--why do we only do it once a year? I would love to see this guy's costume again, in April.

I need to get going--I have coffee what needs drinking.


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