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I'm really quite vexed. When I got this new computer (at work) the IT guy asked me if there was anything nonstandard on my computer I wanted moved over, and I said that I wanted to be sure I had RealPlayer so I could listen to my favorite radio station. So he puts RealPlayer on but then he made it so my favorite station would play on Winamp and only Winamp. I managed to get it disconnected (or whatever--I have little to no computer lingo) from Winamp and made RealPlayer the default for all streaming radio, except now? I can't play the station anywhere. Not on RealPlayer or on Winamp or even through the fecking interweb, at the radio station site. I have no idea where to check to figure out why this one radio station (I can play every other RealPlayer station) will not play. Are any of you computer whizzes, and if so, any suggestions? In the meantime I'm listening to a station from Germany, and it's okay, but it's no Radio Active.

You know what's funny though? When people call the prostate the 'prostrate'. This is mainly funny in the context of gay pr0n internet stories, though by saying this I am admitting to nothing. Move along, now. Nothing to see here.

The construction of Mitch Masters, Private Investigator continues, but a bit more slowly today. I'm not feeling as creative today as I did yesterday, but I'm not letting that stop me; I will need to edit and rewrite a lot anyway. Right now Mitch Masters is sunbathing in an empty planter in the front yard and has just been disturbed by Lenny the Squirrel who had previously hired Mitch Masters to find his missing acorns but who then never paid Mitch Masters for the job. I think Mitch Masters is about to go medieval on his ass; we shall see.

Last night Francisco went to his shoot-em-up and Boy and I did our usual--dinner (grilled cheese sandwiches and salad), some homework for him and some project stuff for me, and also we watched The Assistant. I'm disappointed whatshisname didn't win, but whatever. I also wish there would be a follow-up show that would cop to the madeupness of the various incidents, but it doesn't look like that's in the works. After the tv, I started reading a book by the Dalai Lama (well, he had a ghostwriter) called something like 'The Art of Happiness'. Catie had recommended a different happiness book to me, but the library didn't have that one and it did have the Dalai Lama's shimmysham, so I'm giving it a try. I actually think it's going to be pretty good--I didn't get very far in it last night, but it seems interesting. I still want to read the Catie book, but I need to find it first.

Life feels very good to me right now, though why I still can't be arsed to water the plants in the bathroom is beyond me. I'm happy, but lazy. Also have not cleaned the tub in the downstairs bathroom, which is Francisco's job, but that tub is so disgusting that the power of christ should've compelled me to clean it anyway by now. Usually when I'm happy I'm also living in a clean house, so who knows why not now. I'm not going to question it further.

Work sucketh, but that's not new. I'm so unmotivated it's ridiculous.


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