wake up, Esther!


Last night Francisco and I implemented a new strategy for dealing with Esther and her nighttime wilding.

Step One: Keep her awake during the evening. Every five minutes last night, the poor thing heard, "Wake up, Esther!", which was sometimes accompanied by a poke or friendly fur-rumpling gesture she was unable to ignore. You should've seen her pitiful sleepy face--it was so gratifying. I confess I felt a bit of evil glee in keeping her awake like she's been keeping us awake, so I feel sorta guilty about that, but I would do it all over again anyway.

Step Two: Switch the cats' daily can of tuna from morning to night. This accomplishes two different things: A) Fills their bellies and gives them that digestive tiredness (plus it helps with Esther's upset stomach from the antibiotic, except she got her last dose this morning, so that's not a concern anymore) and B) Gives Esther no reason to wake Francisco up in the morning (we realize there will be an adjustment period on that one).

This two step plan worked perfectly, and holy crap WE ARE GENIUSES. Not only did Esther not throw up last night, but she also didn't try to sleep on my pillow, or cough (probably just got lucky with that one) or do Anything that interrupted our sleep. I woke up once anyway, looked at the clock (4:30) and was amazed that I'd slept without interruption until then. It was like a great blessing from the Universe and I feel Way better today than I have been the past few days. We're going to get her an Albuterol inhaler (Francisco is picking it up today) for the times when her asthma is flaring up frequently, so that should help both her and us in the future, and I'm basically feeling much more optimistic today. It's amazing how getting enough sleep can effect a girl.

I have two Baby Jesuses on their way to me in the mail, purchased through eBay, so at least the collection has gotten a start. What I'd like to do is search for the Jesuses at thrift and antique stores, because I think that would yield the most interesting Jesuses, as well as be more fun than shopping eBay. It would feel more like a quest if I actually had to leave the house, you know?

Huh, I've been wracking my brain and I don't think I have anything else to report for today, which is sort of unusual, but whatever. Tonight I get to cook dinner, because Francisco will be out for awhile with the Boy at a Tae Kwon Do meet--I would go except we didn't know where it was going to be until just a little while ago, and I'd have had to leave earlier than now to get there, and blah blah blah blah Ginger. Instead I'll make dinner, and it's just going to be pasta, so no big whoop, but I like to cook and will enjoy it. *dusts hands*

Talk to y'all later.
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