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I feel I should post an entry, since I didn't yesterday, but I'm not feeling overly inspired. I'm excited for the long weekend and have many things planned, but nothing I haven't talked about previously (MM,PI), so I won't bore you with it. But holy cow--Zell Miller. I didn't watch the RNC*, but I saw the Zell Miller stuff on last night's Daily Show, and wow. What is Wrong with that man? Aside from him being a democrat and speaking at the RNC, he really overreacted in Chris Matthews' interview. I mean, he wants to challenge Chris Matthews to a duel? Come ON. Georgia residents, is there anything you can do? Like, vote him out when he's up for reelection?

Oh, but a great thing about the RNC, I now know what I can tell people when they're upset about not getting the kind of aid they feel they need: "Quit being such an economic girly man". Sweet! Thank you, Arnold--you're my hero. Ass.

It probably sounds like I'm mad about stuff that happened at the RNC, but truly I'm not. Some weird stuff went down, but politics are weird to begin with. Oh, but re: the election, I've been really enjoying it lately when I'm walking around in public and people ask me if I'm registered to vote (as a precursor to trying to register me, if I'm not). I'm been telling them "Yes, and I can hardly wait!", which is 100% true. I've been considering volunteering at the polling stations, but I'm not sure how to sign up for that. I guess I'll ask the next people I see who are registering voters. One would think they'd know, right?

The boss just let everyone go home early, except that I carpooled with Francisco this morning and he won't be coming to get me until 5:30. No biggie--I'll just hang around on the web until he gets here. Actually, no--even better, I'm going to turn on some music (the Ten Minute Rave playlist) and have my own dance party until he gets here. I'm alone in the building, so no one here to stop/shame me. Woo!!

Talk to you later, kittens.



*Or the DNC for that matter--I'm not sure what the point of the conventions is, since it seems that mainly people watch convention coverage to hear people expressing opinions identical to their own. I'm sure there are people who really enjoy watching the speeches, but it seems to me that the political point of a convention would be to try and convince undecided voters. And really, if people are still undecided, are they people who are likely to watch the conventions? I have to doubt it. But I could be wrong--guestbook me and let me know, but be nice to Eva. |


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