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Well, crap. I was trying to avoid picking up any new obsessions, but today I followed a link from atomictonic (the links page) to Art Crimes, and wham! New obsession. Some of the graffiti pictured on that site is amazing and beautiful, and I'm trying to figure out how to contact a specific artist in the UK so I can commission a painting (I'm almost positive it will be impossible). This is just one damn obsession too many--something's got to go, but what? The graffiti makes me want to search out and photograph local graffiti, but the stuff I've seen while driving around here isn't that great--it's mostly gang sign-type stuff.

I learned today that Eddie Izzard is in Oceans Twelve, and that makes me want to see it even more. I already wanted to see it, because if there's anything I like, it's movies about tricky heists, starring a bunch of guys, but Eddie Izzard pushes my desire to see the movie up to eleven.

It was my turn to clean up the office kitchen and purge the refrigerator today. I noticed earlier in the week that it was really full, so on Wednesday I sent out a warning email that I was going to do a full purge, so people should either remove their items or tell me what not to throw away. Apparently my boss took that as a personal challenge, and he stashed ziploc bags full of rocks, dirt, paper clips, and etc in there. Oh, and the stapler I had thrown into the woods that time. It was pretty funny, really, to keep finding things, but he should be very afraid because he'll be out all next week, giving me plenty of time to exact revenge. Any suggestions?

This weekend we're going to see my sister, and those are the only plans we have. I think on Sunday I'll go shopping for baby and kid clothing and costume patterns, because I'm not sure what's out there, but I sense there's something good. I also need to find a muu-muu pattern so I can make one for Atomic, who has agreed to wear it in public, but I'm sure she only agreed because she knows I'm lazy and thinks I won't follow through with making it. She might be right, but you never know, and I really do feel the time is right for the return of the muu-muu.

I've got nothing.


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