Vitaballs can kiss my ass


Have you seen commercials for those new Vitaballs? Kid vitamins in gumball form? I Hate that. Why must children be bribed to do a healthy thing for their bodies, i.e. taking a vitamin? Why should we bribe kids to do anything?? I have a big problem with all the coddling of children in this country--it is ridiculous. You don't see kids in other countries being treated like a whole different species, just because they're small and whine a lot. Suck it up, children. Suck It Up.

Yesterday evening we saw Shanghai Knights, and man was that a fun movie. I really love Owen Wilson (he is Definitely on my list), and of course the fighting is good too. They played fast and loose with history, but I stopped caring about that pretty quickly. Boy and Francisco think this movie is better than Shanghai Noon, and maybe it is, but I just know I enjoyed both of them, and that Owen Wilson is a sexy mofo.

Didn't go to work yesterday; stayed home with Boy and did some things that needed doing. Laundry, for one, and also I finally finished the scarf I started for Francisco way back in November. Started Catie's scarf and should have it done and ready to mail on Monday. Wednesday is her birthday, but I don't think it will get there by then, which is vexing, but is my own fault for not having it ready to mail last week (it's not her birthday present anyway--it's the sock dog trade scarf). I imagine she'll be able to limp along without it for one more day--she is stalwart like that.

Boy is asleep and has been for almost 2 hours. We were watching part 6 of 'I, Claudius', which is the part in which Caligula is first seen. Francisco turned to Boy excitedly to tell him that Caligula is someone to keep an eye on, and Boy's eyelids were straining to stay open. We put him in his bed, over vigorous protests that he wasn't tired, and he is still there. I should get him up soon so that he can fall asleep tonight. He's getting well, though he's not there yet, and I think he can go to school Monday.

Not sure what else to report. I have a headache caused by eyestrain, and the computer screen isn't helping with that, so I think I want to stop writing now. I have a big plan that I'm excited about and will talk about eventually, but now is not the time. Ouch, my aching head.


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