I realized recently that I'm kind of superstitious, in weird ways. For example, I worry if I forget to tell Francisco to drive carefully he might have an accident. Or if I forget to say, "have a good day and don't get shanked", he might get shanked. Could I possibly be overestimating my magical verbal protective powers? It's weird that Francisco's working in a jail. He always has good stories to tell, but I don't always like to hear them because they can be sort of scary. I mean, so far there have been no shankings, but one never knows.

We went to the gym together this morning, which was awesome. His schedule has changed slightly so that he has an extra 30 minutes to spare in the mornings, and we can go to the gym if we get there at 5:00. Yay! I could always go without him, of course, but that hasn't been working out so well for me lately. And actually, our gym is in the process of being sold. To whom, we do not know, but it's been my limited experience that when gyms are sold [this happened with our last gym in NC], the new owner comes in and makes a ton of improvements and then charges a lot more per month. I don't want to pay more per month and I don't care if the place is improved. I just want a dumpy, crappy, $25 per month gym, dammit. If the improvement/cost increase does end up happening, it's likely we'll quit the gym and just buy a treadmill and more weights, assuming we've moved to a bigger place at that point, which is what I hope.

To that end we'll be looking at two houses tonight, but these are different than the ones we've been looking at, because they're both several miles out of town (several in this instance = at least 4), and they have some acreage. The first house we'll see (which is also the one we're more interested in) is on 3 acres and has 4 bedrooms (whee!), and the second house is on 5 acres and has 5 bedrooms. We've been looking at 3 bedroom houses, but it wouldn't hurt to have another bedroom, especially because most of our family doesn't live here and might want to visit en masse at some point. We'd been resistant to moving out of town, but have had to conclude it's unlikely we'll find a house with all the features on our "must have" list that's within walking distance of downtown, and if we'd have to drive anyway, why not just drive farther? Sharky is, predictably, pissed. He wants to be within walking distance of everything, but considering he's already stated his intention of moving to Oregon after he graduates high school, and considering he's 16 and could damn well learn to drive already, we're going to have to overrule him.

He's back, by the way. My parents brought him back yesterday and they got to our house at about 3:45. We hung out at home and then walked to Pearls on Pearl and had dinner at 6:00, then walked back, at which time my parents said they were tired and left to go to their hotel. They had breakfast there this morning and went home. Is it just me or is that a pretty quick trip? I know they had their reasons for wanting to get back home, but I hope next time they'll be able to stay longer.

In addition to glimpsing my parents this weekend, I also finally finished the roll of film I had in the Yashica Electro 35 GSN. I bought that camera forever ago and finally got a battery for it about 2 months ago and it's taken me this much longer to get through a 24 exposure roll. I hope the pictures aren't terrible, but I sort of think they will be, because even with the battery I don't think the sensors were working correctly. I'll turn the film in tomorrow and probably get it back Friday; keeping my fingers crossed until then. I'll be looking through my cameras tonight to determine which ones have film in them that needs to be finished--it's at least 5 cameras that I know of, and maybe more. I want to finish all those rolls and reorganize my camera and film drawer; it is seriously in need of an overhaul.

I guess that's all for now. I'm feeling pretty good today--back on track with goals and whatnot--and I think it's all due to going to the gym this morning. That and the creative visualization I've been trying at Catie's recommendation. The other night when I was visualizing, I got an idea for an art project I think would be really cool, and I just might do it. Huzzah! It's so interesting what will pop out of the brain when you're not expecting it.




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