irate yet vindicated


My friends, I am so angry. Remember last week when I tried to transfer my prescription from my old pharmacy to the Costco pharmacy but my old pharmacy said I didn't have any refills left to transfer to a new pharmacy? And remember how I said I didn't think that was correct but that I didn't have any recourse but to get a new prescription because I didn't have any documentation to prove I had more refills coming to me? So I had to rush over to the medical lab and get a blood test so my doctor could call in a new prescription to Costco? I am finished with the interrogation marks now, and would like to tell you that when I went to Costco today to pick up my new prescription, my insurance wouldn't authorize a payment toward it because [get this] my old pharmacy PROCESSED A REFILL FOR ME LAST WEEK, ON THE DAY I REQUESTED THE TRANSFER, AND BILLED MY INSURANCE FOR IT. I am absolutely livid and this kind of shit is exactly why I wanted to transfer my prescription out of there in the first place. So now I'll have to call my insurance to try and get the amount they should have paid toward my prescription, and by the power of Isis, I WILL be successful or that old pharmacy will be the recipient of some very unpleasant phone calls. That pharmacy, by the way, is Kerr Drug on Rebecca Drive, in Hillsborough, North Carolina. They are a horrible, horrible pharmacy, and if you live in Hillsborough (what are the odds? very slim), do Not get your prescriptions filled there or you will end up regretting it. That is all.

Song of the Day: She Wants Revenge -- Red Flags and Long Nights, at Motel de Moka.

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