does she know it's Christmas time?


I started the morning rather worried/bothered about some things, but then people were nice to me and I felt better. Here's what's on my mind:

1) Esther's been coughing a bit lately, and we weren't too worried because they were dry coughs, but this morning when she coughed I heard a rattley lung noise, so now I'm afraid she's got a lung infection again. Her timing is, as always, impeccable, since we're supposed to be leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday night. I'm sure we'll figure out what to do (Francisco will take her to the vet tomorrow, if she's not better) and will arrive at a solution somehow, but I always get super tense when she's sick because I never have a sense of what's the right course of action. Like, we could take her to the vet today, but it might not be necessary, and trips to the vet stress her out so much that I never want to take her if it might not be necessary. But if we wait and she does have an infection, she'll be just that much sicker by the time we figure out she definitely needs to go in. So, super tense.

2) I just realized this morning (with Francisco's help) that I never got a refund on that Liverpool jersey I bought from ebay but which never got to me. The seller had, at the time, promised a refund within 2-3 days, and I forgot to check up on it (my bad). Now I see from his feedback that he's had 8 other buyers say they didn't get their merchandise or a refund, and this is new since the time I was supposed to get refunded. I wonder if my money is gone for good. It's not a huge amount, but I hate being ripped off. I sent him a message this morning and have not heard back.

3) There's a total asshole trying to keep a fight going with me at another site (a "discussion" on world cup soccer) and I've decided to opt out of any further communication with him, because I'm positive he Really wants to keep fighting, so I'm not going to give him what he wants. I think it's absolutely the right decision, but his comments are getting increasingly vicious and that makes me angry. This is surely also something he wants, but it's hard not to be pissed off when you're being slandered by a stranger. HATE.

4) I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, first thing (8:00 am). It's for my annual checkup, and I was positive it was supposed to be a week from tomorrow, on the 29th (I wrote it down for the 29th on my work and home calendars), but then I got one of those automated phone calls to confirm the appointment for the 22nd. I haven't had time to psych myself up for it--I just feel a dread--and I sort of hope when I get there tomorrow they'll tell me the appt. is on the 29th.

5) I'm just positive I missed my friend, Juan's, birthday and I feel like a shit. Juan, Happy Birthday, late, and I apologize for being a non-remembering jerk.

In the category of things I'm not worried or bothered by, this morning we saw something in a French soccer review show (game highlights) that made us laugh. For those of you who don't watch soccer, you first need to know the taking off of your shirt in the game (to celebrate a goal) is something referees issue yellow cards for--it falls under the category of 'excessive celebration'. So this morning we're watching the highlights of Lens vs. Someone I Can't Remember Right Now, and a player named Aruna (for Lens) scored a goal and took his shirt off, but he had another jersey on under it. I don't know, it was just funny to watch him remove his shirt and see an identical shirt underneath. He still got yellow carded, though, which I know he regretted later after getting his second yellow card and getting sent off.

You know, it is entirely possible that soccer is ruining my reputation, though I'm not sure if I have a reputation to ruin. It's too bad, because it's definitely in my life to stay.

Today is Miss Julie's birthday--trundle on over and wish her a good one!

I don't want to post music today because I couldn't find anything good. Mostly what's being posted is Christmas music, and while I don't have any beef with that, I haven't come across any Christmas music that makes me sit up and take notice. I heard a song on the radio this morning that I wish I could find on the web--something about how they shouldn't have given daddy a gun for Christmas--but alas. Hopefully tomorrow will yield better mp3s.

Now I'm going to drive home, put on pajamas, and curl up with my Esther.

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