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Okay, you know the kid, Julian? Agua boy? He is KILLING me. The other day Francisco had to look up the Spanish word for 'poison' because Julian had found an empty bottle of STP fuel treatment and was putting it to his lips like he was drinking out of it. Francisco had tried to get the bottle from him, but Julian thought it was a game and was running away, laughing. Francisco told him it was poison but he didn't seem to understand that--he understood 'veneno' though, and he allowed Francisco to trade him that bottle for a bottle of agua. Veneno reared its ugly head again last night when Francisco and I went out for a walk. We saw Julian hunched over in our neighbor's yard, and when we said hello to him, he turned and there was something black around his mouth. We investigated and saw he'd been eating mushrooms that were growing at the base of a tree. Francisco grabbed a handful of them so he could give them to Julian's mother, in case he gets sick and she needs to tell the hospital what mushrooms he ate, and Julian seemed to think we were harvesting the lot of them to take to her--he even indicated we should put them in the back of his big yellow dumptruck, standing nearby. We walked him home (next door) and his mom wasn't home but his aunt or someone was. When we told her he'd been eating the mushrooms and gave them to her, she was so exasperated--you could just tell this kind of thing was par for the course. "Julian, why would you DO that? Why would you EAT these?" He's a wild kid, for sure, but he's so cute and funny that I don't at all mind being a part of the village it will take to raise him.

As you may have noticed, I haven't been updating very often (again), and it's been due to renewed busyness at work. I like to write my entries at work and email them home for posting, but it's been too busy to write at work, and I've been too tired after work, at home, to fabricate anything. Nothing much has occurred to tell you about anyway, other than I bought our first Christmas gift last weekend--the most perfect thing ever, that I found at the Goodwill--and I'm quite excited about it. I can't say what it is we bought, because I don't THINK the intended recipient reads this diary, but I don't know for sure. Suffice it to say it was not something I expected to see at the Goodwill--it could have been sold on eBay for more than ten times the Goodwill price. I know this because we looked it up on eBay and they were going for eleven times what we paid. Everybody wins.

Oh, but another thing, I don't think I mentioned the dog that barked at me every day on my way to work, but it was a fun part of my morning commute (walk). This big white dog would see me coming (from his fenced yard), run to the end of the fence, and bark at me. The last few times I saw him, the week before last, he didn't get up and bark at me, and I assumed at the time he'd finally gotten used to me and didn't need to bark, but now he's never in the yard anymore, and in fact the gate was left open all last week. I'm quite worried he might be deceased, and maybe his not getting up and barking was due to feeling sick or weak. I miss the barking--if he didn't get up right away I'd say, "come on and bark at me; quick! I'm in a hurry". He'd run and bark and I'd say, "See you tomorrow!" Sad; I hope he's okay and is maybe just in the house for some reason, instead of outside.

In other news, we watched King Kong (the newest version) this weekend, via Netflix, and I didn't exactly like the movie, but it did make me cry. And when I say cry, I mean CRY. Like a BABY. How embarrassing.




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