a graveyard of vegetables


I'm in love with an idea I'm going to implement whenever we move and I get a yard that's good for vegetable gardening. Our yard now is great for flowers and such, but doesn't get enough sun for vegetables. Anyway, this idea I have? I'm going to make fake headstones out of concrete and put them at the ends of the vegetable beds so our garden looks like a cemetary. I'll make the headstones with rounded tops and will draw words into them while they're drying. "Here lies Okra--it oozes slime but it's delicious fried"--that kind of thing. I think this would really creep out the neighbor children and would of course be Perfect for Halloween. I can hardly wait.

Nothing much going on right now that is report-worthy. April is over and work should get less stressful now, except that this April was Much less heinous than last year or the year before, and I'm waiting for something bad to happen to make up for it. Wondering when the other shoe will fall, and whatnot. Today Francisco took me out for lunch and I had a blackened tuna burger and coleslaw--pretty good. Tonight I will go home, have dinner, and watch the two Buffy reruns, as is my way. My phone date friend, Isabel, will call tonight too and we can catch up from the past month. So I have good things to look forward to, even if I have little to talk about. I hope you have good things to do tonight too.


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