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On Saturday I drove up north of the little town I live just south of, and I took some pictures (trying to do that on a regular basis). I saw a lot of kudzu, some cool rusty silos, one deer, a few derelict buildings (some of them collapsed), and a lot of lightning (on my way home). It was sort of fun to drive and take pictures but it was mainly frustrating. This is because A) in a car I couldn't always get the picture I wanted and 2) there were many other drivers on the roads, and though I tried very hard to get out of their way whenever possible, they seemed offended that I would dare pull off to the side of the road and take pictures. Don't I know I should be hurrying and not looking around at stuff?? Several people honked at me even though I was completely on the side of the road and not at all in their way--it was vexing. And do you remember how I had the little idea recently to revamp and hide (in public places) some Altoid tins, with messages inside? When I got home I decided what the messages will be. They will go something like this:

Why are you rushing?
Slow down.
Pay attention.
Remember that what you do is who you are.

Etc, plus MEOW 67. I'm going to do this soon--I just need some spray paint and I'll be good to go.

I forgot to mention on Friday that we interviewed another candidate for the soon-to-be-open job, and it was one of the most painful interviews I've ever been a part of. I wanted to like the guy--I Truly did--but he made it difficult. He wouldn't really answer our questions, and after he gave his non-answer answer he would abruptly stop talking. I tried to ask some follow-ups but I started to feel like I was PRYING, or something. We asked him what he likes to do when he's not at work and he said, "Sleep". Then he said he liked to read, also. "Aha!", I thought. "Finally something we can talk about." I asked him what he liked to read and he gave a rambling answer about liking a variety of books; that he enjoyed getting different cultural perspectives, because he thought that gave him greater understanding of people, blah blah, yadda. He named no authors, and he was clearly done talking about it. That was the point at which I gave up, and after we asked a couple more questions and he didn't answer them, we passed him along to the next person, 15 minutes early. This morning we had a meeting about our two candidates and everyone felt pretty much the same as I did about the guy from Friday, so we're slated to take only the guy we all really liked to lunch later this week (day not yet determined). The boss and a couple other people had a few reservations about the guy we liked, and I hope the lunch will get rid of the reservations so we can hire him.

This was a pretty low-key weekend. Did some chores and did not have a date with Francisco on Saturday night, because Boy wanted to go ice skating with his friend, so we took advantage of his absence to watch a Netflick we'd had for awhile. It was 'Coffee and Cigarettes', and I wanted to like it, but alas. I've liked other Jarmusch films, but this one, not so much. Some of it was interesting but mostly I felt very meh about it. Otherwise this weekend, I didn't start Francisco's sweater (though I finally determined the gauge and measured him), and I didn't clean the bathroom, but I did water the plants and I also watched most of Urban Cowboy yesterday. Not real productive, but it could've been worse.

A couple of women came around the neighborhood on Saturday, checking to be sure that the voter registration information they have for our precinct is correct. I was glad they showed up because earlier that day I started thinking about voting and wondering if my voter registration could have somehow been screwed up since the last election. That concerned me, because if I couldn't vote in this election for some reason, I would be extremely distraught. Fortunately Francisco's and my registration is fine and we can vote on Nov. 2. We could vote before that, too, at the Board of Elections, but I would rather vote on the 2nd because it would feel more exciting to me. I want us to go on the 2nd, early (before work and school) and take Boy with us so he can observe the voting process. He's been asking me, "What's so good about voting? Your one vote doesn't even count." Ay yi yi, a knife in my heart! Don't worry; I set him straight.

Probably lots of other things to talk about, but I've got no time today. Happy Monday, Cat Babies.

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