woke up again today


First conversation of the morning in our house; it took place at 5:45, immediately after Francisco turned off the alarm:

Francisco: Hey babe. How do you feel?
Me: Like someone wrung me out like a washrag and threw me down on the bed. How do You feel?
Francisco: Like I just slept beside a washrag all night.

The limp, wrung-out feeling has not gone away, and this morning at work I realized I have the beginnings of pre-cold sore throat. The cold is compliments of our household disease vector, the Boy, who omg IS GOING TO BE SO PUNISHED. Why now, Universe? Why during April? Why not during practically any other month in the year so I could call in sick? No matter how horrible I feel, I am going to have to drag myself in here on Thursday and Friday--especially Friday, since we have another walk-in appointment day then. This is terrible, I know, but I hope I infect every. single. person. who comes to see me on Friday, particularly since at least half of them will be showing up for no reason (they will ask questions we answered in our literature, amongst other time-wasting things). I may even Try to infect this one guy to whom I've repeatedly said there's nothing more we can do, but who's all, like, "See you Friday!" anyway. That is So Vexing.

I woke up with Malcolm Middleton's 'A Happy Medium' in my head, or rather, I woke up with the following lyrics from that song on constant repeat in my head, and I don't think it could be good for my self-esteem:

'Woke up again today
Realized I hate myself
My face is a disease'

Oh how I love that song! It has such an upbeat tune it thoroughly wormed its way into my head, despite the not so upbeat lyrics.

Nothing else to report for right now. Work is still killing me softly (and by softly I mean brutally) and I'm leaving today at 4:00 to attend the Boy's track meet. The last track meet I went to was cancelled due to torrential rain, but only after everyone was soaked to the skin, which was within 2 minutes of setting foot outside. Today it's sunny and lovely, so the track meet will surely go forward, and Boy is running hurdles, which is his favorite.

I'm tired.
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