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I need some kind of auto-reminder program to prevent me from going to the fabric store during my lunch hour. It's close enough to walk to, shop at, and walk back from in within a lunch hour, but the woman who owns it is A Major Talker. I always think, "oh, probably she won't talk that much this time or I can subtly tip her off that I only have a few minutes", and I always end up fidgeting while she talks and half measures and talks and measures and talks, with scissors in her hand but NOT CUTTING MY FABRIC, and talks while she is NOT ringing up my purchases and COME ON ALREADY I HAVE TO LEAVE. If there was any break in the talking, I might be able to slip in an "I wish I had the time to talk about this some more, but I've got to run back to work", but there is not. No break whatsoever. Just so you know, I put up with this because 1) it's the only fabric store in town and 2) she's got some kickass stuff. Today I bought a yard of Amy Butler fabric to make two decorative pillows for our bed, and also a surprise for a friend. It took forEVER, but I did manage to get back to work before my lunch hour was over, so no harm done. I am spent.

This Weekend's To Do List

1) Saturday morning, 9 a.m.: Take pictures of baby chicks at Ranch & Home. It's chick day, man. I missed it last year, but this year I am on it.

2) Saturday morning, 9:30 a.m.: Get hair cut. I can hardly wait; this hair is driving me crazy.

3) Visit the store for groceries, toiletries, and a watch battery.

4) Move volcanic rocks from south side of house to edge of backyard. They will fortify the berm that keeps the creek from overflowing when it's high.

5) Read

6) Make food.

7) Put together mix cd. Burn many copies. Put in envelopes for mailing.

8) Change sheets.

9) Laundry.

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