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My Lambies,

I had Such a nice weekend. Francisco booked us into a reasonably-priced but super comfy place, and we slept well both nights except for when some people either above us or to one side (difficult to tell) decided to have some very loud and vigorous sex in the middle of the night. That was a bit annoying and it went on for a long time.

Notable Things Eaten:

-- Indian food
-- Bun (at Francisco's favorite Vietnamese place)
-- corn and apple fritters [corn fritters and apple fritters, I mean. not corn and apple, together] at the best breakfast place ever, The Pancake Chef in south Seattle
-- a hamburger
-- various delicious things at Trader Joes -- their Thai cashews are stellar


-- 1 pair trouser jeans
-- 2 pair pants
-- 2 pair shoes [both comfy, both cute]
-- 1 sweater
-- 4 full skeins Brown Sheep cotton and wool yarn, at thrift store for $7
-- 1 adorable old nonfunctional camera, at thrift store. Francisco spotted it with his eagle eyes.

At the thrift store, Francisco found a black duster (coat) of amazing quality and virtually no wear, for $15 and he is in love with it. He realizes it's a dramatic garment, but that's part of his reason for loving it, and he says it makes him look even More authoritative, especially when combined with that blasted mustache. Most of our conversations for the rest of the weekend included the duster in some way, which delighted me.

Saturday night we went to a movie, which we hardly ever do; we saw Appaloosa and both really liked it. You know I have A Thing for Viggo Mortensen, so you probably won't believe me when I tell you he was v. good in that film, but he was. I give the film my seal of approval.

On Sunday we checked out of our hotel and drove down to Mt. Rainier, which was gorgeous and I enjoyed seeing it up close; I'd never been there. We took lots of pictures (none posted to Flickr yet, because Francisco took the camera back to police camp with him) and saw lots of beauty and then drove back north to the cop academy. We said goodbye and I drove 2 hours home and unpacked and picked up Esther's turds from the rug by the cat box and watched a little television before going to bed at 9:00. I slept pretty well but am EXHAUSTED today, it's ridiculous. Tonight I need to do a little grocery shopping, and buy a card for a coworker's birthday on Wednesday, and change my sheets, and do at least one load of laundry. Also, pick up turds if there are any awaiting me, which probably there will be. That cat is going through a phase.

Today at work has been a bust--I have accomplished virtually nothing. Tomorrow will be better! I hope.




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