wearing my Tuffskins floodpants


Just so you're aware, my new exercise bras fasten in front and have TEN HOOKS. Fastening them is not easy at 5:00 in the morning, but I guess it's a pretty good waker-upper. They make me think of those old fashioned boots with 20 buttons that people needed special buttonhooks to fasten. This is 2009--why not a zipper on these bras?

Have I talked about the craploads of snow we've gotten since mid-ish December? It's been quite a lot, and in fact when I got up on Monday there were 5 new inches on the ground that I went out and shoveled, and then I worried I'd mildly frostbitten my fingers because they got super super cold and then swelled up when I came back in and my hands warmed up. They were tender for about 24 hours, but there appears to be no lasting damage and I will be much more careful in the future. Anyway! That was a digression; this is not about my fingers. On Tuesday our weather got abruptly warmer, and it started raining. All the snow on the ground has been melting, and with the rain added in, now we've got some pretty major flooding. In town is okay--there are some big puddles, but no one's house is flooded--but out of town is a whole other story. Roads have been washed out, there have been mudslides, and some people who live on the west side of town near the Yakima river have had to evacuate: Stuff like that. The rain has stopped, and it's colder today, so less snow-melt, and hopefully the levee west of town will hold strong, because if it breaks we'll have a flooded downtown, plus the university. It's looking okay right now, and I just want it to stay that way.

Recently I've been kind of messing with the students who visit our office--in PLAYFUL way, right? If they seem unsure they're remembering their ID number correctly, I'll type it in and when the record comes up will say [for example, to a guy] ... "Are you Lillian?". Then they'll start digging in pockets for an ID card so I'll tell them real quick that I'm kidding! Hahaha just a joke! 99% of the time they laugh and 1% of the time they look confused, and you know what, I'm okay with that ratio.

Tonight my two favorite student coworkers and I are going to the Tav for burgers. I am trying not to feel weird about being friends with people young enough to [technically speaking!] be my children, but it's not easy. Hopefully no one will ask them "is this your mom?" because were that to happen, I would have a fatal stroke and my lifeless body would slide from the booth and under the table into a puddle of beer. It would be a shame to waste a good puddle of beer like that, so let's hope no one makes a wrong assumption about my coworkers' parentage.

Few plans for the weekend have been made yet, but I need to look at my list of current projects and pick something to work on; I have accomplished SO little lately. We'll put away our Christmas decorations on Sunday, as well as open the gifts my family sent to us. We're going to call them and open presents over the phone, which is cheesy but will probably be pretty fun. I also need to go grocery shopping, but hopefully that will be about all the excitement this weekend; it has been a Busy Week and I want to do a lot of resting.




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