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Today I can't seem to stop thinking about how the next cats we have (which, truthfully, I'm not eager for, as it will be after our current cats are no longer with us, and I don't want to ever be without them) will both be boys, adopted as kittens, and how I want to name one of them 'Patroclus; My Rider, My Prince', and the other one 'DeWayne'. Not Dwayne, DeWayne. These cat names are the only things that make the idea of being without Lucy and Esther semi-bearable.

Also, we saw Troy today, and those men are Hottt. I think the movie must've employed a full-time waxer, because they were unnaturally smooth and lovely. I loved their hair and the clothes they wore when not fighting to the death, especially the low-slung skirt/belly shirt combos. Why can't men dress like that now??? Life is unfair.

I may or may not have had a little wine tonight, and either way, I'm going to drink some water and go to bed. For as fat as I am right now, I'm still such a lightweight with alcohol. This is not a bad thing.

On the subject of Troy, I have decided I really like Sean Bean--he was an excellent Odysseus. I would like for him to play Richard in the movie versions of The Lymond Chronicles, which will probably never be made anyway because it would be damn near impossible to do them right. But hypothetically speaking, Sean Bean should be Richard. Jude Law should be Lymond, but they'd have to hurry, because Jude is already too old (if things were going to be done strictly according to the books) and isn't getting any younger.

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