various things swallowed or to be swallowed


I had my Upper G.I. yesterday, and it was not pleasant but it wasn't too horrible. The procedure is different from when I had one 16 years ago, in Alabama. Instead of drinking a whole crapload of milkshake-consistency barium, I first had to swallow a bunch of gas-producing crystals with a teeny-tiny amount of water (I almost panicked when they were in my throat) and then had to swallow a big gulp of extremely thick barium. I managed to choke it down but I gagged and thought I might barf it; I'm so glad I didn't. Then I had to lay down and turn over to let it coat my stomach, and I did have to swallow a couple gulps of thin barium after the x-raying started, but that was it for the barium. My stomach felt kind of groce off and on yesterday, but it's better today. The x-raying doctor didn't tell me anything about what he saw on the pictures but said that I had a lot of acid in my stomach and also said that the swiftness of my turning over when he instructed me to was akin to a teenager's. Thanks--I get that a lot. I don't have any official results yet but the technician people said my doctor would probably receive the results today, so I figure I'll get a phone call tomorrow. I really hope I can get a diagnosis now; I will be super upset if the Upper G.I. reveals nothing and I have to go on to the Tube Down The Throat Procedure. I'll do it, but I will cry and cry like a big crying baby.

The weekend went by very fast but was successful as far as accomplishing our goal of delivering the car to the Shark. He seems to be doing quite well as far as adjusting goes (has loads of friends) but he hasn't gotten a grade report yet, so we have no idea how well he's doing academically. It's up to him, but I hope he chooses to do the work. On Sunday I took some photos of him for his senior picture. He says he doesn't care about senior pictures or the annual, but he submitted to the photoshoot and I took like a hundred pictures so I'm sure we can get one good one out of it even though he was doing really cheesy poses. It was really hard to leave the Shark on Sunday, because he was a lot of fun and we miss that kid.

Tonight for dinner I'm going to have macaroni and cheese from a box that I bought yesterday specifically because the pasta is whole wheat [no YOU shut up], and also a salad from the baby greens growing in the backyard. Last night I ate a big bowl of raisin bran for dinner to help, er, usher the barium out of my digestive tract, and Mission Accomplished!

So yeah, I"m going home now to get started on that whole dinner thing.




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