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Based on our recent viewing of I, Claudius, and the made-for-tv movie last night, 'Caesar', I have decided that someone needs to write a spoof of the Roman Empire and call it, "Caesar!; The Salad Years". Please tell me this hasn't already been done.

Not a lot to report at this time. I had another blood test today, to check my new thyroid hormone levels (since the test-drive of the increase) and it was somewhat painful and now I'm walking around with a bruise on my right elbow pit (from the blood test 10 days ago) and a clump of bandaid on my right arm (side elbow pit) and man, I am pretty. I expect another bruise from today's test, and then I can finally rock the junkie chic look, except that I will be the rare well-fed, coherent junkie.

Oh hey, speaking of junkies, here's a little story for you. We were talking to Boy last night on the phone; he had spent a few days with his aunt (mom's sister) and cousins and had had a great time. I guess at one point he visited his maternal grandmother for an hour or so, and that bitch was asking him questions about his mom (her daughter) and whether she knew he was in town. His mom has moved to Idaho in the last few months and never called to tell us--we don't have her phone number or address. A couple of weeks ago Francisco talked to Boy's aunt and she told us his mom had moved, and Francisco offered to get in touch with her to let her know Boy would be in Oregon for a few weeks. Boy's aunt said, "I wish you wouldn't do that". She doesn't want her sister in town, and who could blame her? Francisco talked to Boy and told him his mom had moved, and asked Boy if he wanted us to contact her and tell her he would be visiting Oregon. Boy said no--he thinks his aunt knows best in matters of his mom. But when he was at his grandmother's, she grilled him and then called his mom (She has the number) and had Boy talk to her. And now his mom is saying she will try to come to Oregon to see him, which creates the potential for some bad scenes around Boy, and I am very angry at that rotten grandmother. She has always put her daughter's wishes ahead of what is best for Boy, and I think that is very wrong. Her daughter has screwed up her own life, and Boy's, and I don't want her to make any more messes in his life. There's a long history here that I'm not going into, with his mom's mom, but suffice it to say she's up to her old tricks and I am pissed. Hopefully his mom won't be able to get to OR in the next 2 weeks; that would solve everything.

Deep cleansing breath....and out. I guess that's all I have right now. I'm going to go nurse my various needle holes and bruises and hope that my sore throat goes away soon.

Love to all,

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