I got my teeth cleaned, but that's neither here nor there.


One of the cats was a real go-getter after the bathroom rug was washed and replaced; it has already been peed on. The protest peeing seems to have become a habit. We imagine they think the rug is superior in its absorbancy and softness and that they just plain prefer peeing there than in the box. The rug is gone and will be replaced by one of those hotel-type towelish bathmats. This is so it can be picked up off the floor and hung over the tub, thus making it nonpeeonable. I wish I knew which cat was responsible, but alas--they are both giving us the innocent stare when we question them. I need a hidden camera.

West Wing last night was So Good. And by so good I mean that I was glued to the tv while it was on, even though the events taking place were somewhat horrifying. You know, it's nice to have a fictional administration to be horrified about, to distract us from the actual administration which is about a grillion times more horrifying than fiction could ever be. At any rate, West Wing is back on a roll again, as evidenced by the fact that if you asked me what happened in last night's episode, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I mean, I understand everything that happened, but I couldn't tell you about it to save my life. Five stars.

Lately I've been feeling like a million bucks. This is if you don't count my various muscle strains and insect bites, of course. I called Francisco from work yesterday to tell him that I felt positively Virile. I know virile is a word reserved for men, but if you ignore my lack of a penis, I am tres, tres virile indeed. I am attributing my recent vigor to my new Synthroid dose--I think it's perfect for me and I'll have that confirmed in a blood test next week. I hope they don't say my levels are too high, because they're not getting that dose back from me without a fight. I'll have you know that this morning I awoke at 5:45 without an alarm, and instead of going back to sleep I got up and did the treadmill. This was partly because I really needed to use the bathroom, and then once I was up it didn't make sense to go back to sleep for less than an hour, but still. APPLAUSE.

And Survivor is on tonight! I'm very pleased. More fat guy in skirt, bartender, and keep it coming. Oh! Last night we watched the Best movie. It's an Iranian film called The Color of Paradise. I mean, Wow. I fell in love with the kid who is the main character, and his grandma, and wanted them to come live with us. That kid broke my heart, for real. Highly Recommended.

I got nothing done on that brochure today, though god knows I tried. I just have no idea what angle to attack this thing from, and reading through all the past brochures has been no help. They're all very different and none of them are especially good, or Creative (stupid vague requirement!), so I'm stymied. I'll give it another go tomorrow. Possibly after a 3 martini lunch, which could only help, right?



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