...and things are back to normal


One good thing about that workshop we went to this morning is we didn't have to introduce ourselves. Another good thing was the coffee and soda they so thoughtfully provided, and the Best thing was that I Found something in the parking lot. It's a KinderCare form, detailing a child's sleeping hours, mood, medication needed (cough and cold medicine), and then that child's day at KinderCare. I can't say I think much of the food the child was given at KinderCare, particularly the Cheez-its at 2:00, but whatever. I will be sending this form to Found Magazine, posthaste. The bad things about the workshop were legion, but the worst thing is the room it was in was butt-ass cold; I had my coat and gloves on and I was still freezing. Between the freezing and a flare-up of my latent ADD, I did not learn anything, but I Did spend a couple of hours in my Happy Place (a bunker in an undisclosed location).

The workshop only lasted a little over two hours, so we got back to the office by 12:15. I went straight to the mall and bought myself a new coat, since the one I have isn't really cutting it. It's a nice coat but it's a little, shall we say....fitted? [this is a euphemism] This means I can't really wear a sweater under it or there is major sausage-armage, hence the new coat. I got it at Old Navy, which by the way is having a Great sale right now, for $34--it's a red wool pea coat, knee length, and capacious enough for even the bulkiest sweaters. Shamefully enough, I also bought a scarf for the coat (shameful because I'm a knitting savant, right? right), but how could I resist a $5 bright turquoise scarf with cables, which are my favorite? I couldn't, that's how. A girl can never have too many scarves--Catie will back me up on this one, I know. Do not recoil at the red coat/turquoise scarf combo--I assure you it is vibrant and lovely. I only wish they hadn't already sold out the matching gloves.

I've been looking around for a messenger bag, but I'm having trouble finding one in the style I want (the kind that's like a small backpack but with only the one strap) that isn't either A) made with bad fabric or B) flaunting the maker's logo all over it (Nike, I'm looking at you). I should've shopped online a couple of weeks ago, because I want it for our trip west for xmas, so I have to buy it in person at this point. The search will continue.

Can you tell I've already bought almost all of our gifts for other people? It's back to me me me now.


PS Francisco says our new digital video camera has a built-in night vision mode! I think this will be invaluable in documenting our cats' nighttime shenanigans. |


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