Dude, you're getting a Tivo


Well, okay. Apparently we're getting Tivo as our xmas gift to ourselves this year. We haven't told the Boy yet, but he'll be extremely surprised because we've told him in the past that we'll Never get Tivo. Ever! Never say Never, Ever! I guess. I'm looking forward to it, especially after Atomic told me how good it is. What she said about it talked Francisco into it, because he'd been fairly anti-Tivo in the past. That girl could charm the pants off an elephant.

This morning I got up feeling pretty good, and I remarked to Francisco how much better my back felt. Clearly that was foolhardy of me, because less than half an hour later I somehow re-hurt my sacroiliac joint and I've been in pain all day, despite taking lots of ibuprofen and applying an ice pack to it. Moral of the story, never declare your wellness out loud. I'm about done with this back pain--I think I'll be getting ultrasonic waves passed through that joint any old time now, as that was the doctor's backup plan when I saw her. But can I just reiterate, I'm 35! Shouldn't my back be waiting a few more decades before doing this? The answer is yes. Yes it should.

Yesterday morning the backyard kitties were all down near the food bowl, and I think they were waiting to be fed. All but the mother cat hid from Francisco when he took the food down, and they started eating right away when he was in the house. They like their igloo! [we shelled out the money for the igloo, because the nights are getting cold and building them something didn't seem feasible] It gave me such a warm glow to see them going in and out of it after Francisco put it in the yard. Those little kittens make me feel all protective and maternal.

West Wing tonight! And Angel! I didn't think I was going to like Angel, because I didn't like his character much on Buffy, and also because spinoffs usually suck, but that's a good show. I like that TNT is rerunning it from the beginning so we know what's happened up to now. Last night's rerun finished the first season, so we're making progress.

I really shouldn't update when I'm feeling this boring. Perhaps tomorrow things will be more lively.


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