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Today during my lunch hour I snuck onto the internet, because I decided that if anyone is monitoring internet useage, they can also see what time I'm using it and that it's during the 12-1 lunch period. Hopefully any potential monitor will be a reasonable person who will not turn me in to whatever authorities might fire me. This is a very regulated place to work; a bit unsettling regulated. For instance, if I want to take a day off (or if I called in sick and need to document the absence) I have to fill out a formal request for the time off and give it to my supervisor. This would worry me if she hadn't recently approved coworker's extended vacation even while the office was down a counselor (the position I filled) and while another counselor was scheduled to be on vacation during the same time. It gives me hope that if I ask for a couple extra days off at the holidays, she'll let me have them. Because otherwise I'll just get Christmas day off, and that's on a Monday this year, which would make it difficult to spend the day with family.

But speaking of coworkers, the getting to know each other process has begun, so I don't feel as lonely here as I did. However, I don't think any of the people here right now is going to become my new best friend (a position I'm titling my "Hamburger Socks", because that was one of my Flickr friend's nicknames for her best work friend); maybe one of the two people who've been out on vacation since before I started work will fit the bill. *fingers crossed*

Did I tell you Francisco and I joined a gym while Sharky was visiting his grandparents? We've been going in the mornings, early, and on Monday I went to the 5:15 step class. Internet, I forgot how much I love step--how could I forget such a thing?? I'm going to try and go to every 5:15 class during the weekday (every day except Wednesday--that's a spin class. loathesome), but what will help the situation is if I get the two super supportive exercise bras I ordered 2 weeks ago. I ordered 3 and got one, but the two white ones were on back order and still haven't arrived. I had emailed the place about it, and Francisco forwarded me the reply, at work: His subject line was "your titslings, madame". Smartass.

Today I'm wearing a new shirt I really love. Well, it's not new so much as pre-owned, but it's new to me; I got it last Sunday at the Goodwill. They have awesome sales on clothes--not as awesome as thrift store sales I attended as a college student which featured specials like 5 dresses for $1, but awesome. I'm going back on Friday night to see if the fake fur coat and weirdass jumpsuit thing I wanted are still there--if they are, I'll take it as a sign from the Universe and purchase them. Honestly, with all the thrift store shopping I've been doing, I expect someone to someday tell me "I used to have a shirt/skirt/coat exactly like that one...", and of course if would actually BE their old one. That would rule. Sharky's been benefiting from thrift store shopping also, but only when Francisco and I buy him cool things. When he goes on his own, he is unwilling to actually dig through the clothes, so he misses the good stuff. See also: Lazy. Let me tell you, that kid has been so unpleasant to be around that, if I wasn't positive this teenage bitchiness would someday pass, I would run over him with the car. FACT.

In other thrift shopping news (kinda), I got my first roll of film back from the thrift shop quadcam, and I'm in love with the results. These are my favorite pictures from that roll:



I also got the first belt buckle cam pictures back, and this is my favorite from that:

patrotic car lot

Damn, Internet. It's been such a long time since I talked to you that I have LOOOOOADS of trivial things to tell, but if I clump them all up into one entry, it's going to be even more boring than when I spread them out over time. What to do, what to do... I guess I'll just start making a list so I can dribble them out here a little at a time. This is all for today.

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