lingerie induced rheumatism


I bought 3 bras on Saturday and my thumbs are still sore from trying on approximately one million others before finding the ones that fit. If I didn't have arthritis Before hooking all those bra closures, I have it now. I fully intended to buy, like, 7 bras, but I honestly could not find that many that fit. I thought about buying multiples of the two styles that fit (and I did buy 2 of one style, in different colors), but the brand that fit was more expensive than most of the bras at the store, because see, I wear a freak size and only the one brand has it. Three bras were $107, so you can see why I decided against getting a whole wad of them. At least when these three are worn out I can go back and find the exact ones that fit, without going through all the trying on again, unless my freak size has changed, due to weight loss. It was truly exhausting, which doesn't say much for my physical fitness, but after almost 2 hours of hooking bras, contorting and shimmying to test the fit, and unhooking, I was done in. The one good thing about the whole bra quest (besides the new bras) is I thought of the invention that will make us millions. I'm not going to say what it is, because I seriously think I could patent and sell this, but if you're a friend or relative of mine you will be asked to test drive the prototype while I'm refining it, and please say yes. I will be researching patents and how to get one in the next few weeks, and I just hope it's not too difficult or costly, because I don't want anything getting in my way.

Yesterday I made a gift for someone (not saying who, or what it is) and then Francisco and I made several gifts for several people (all the same thing), and again I'm not saying who or what, but the gifts all turned out great. We also formulated a plan for our washer/dryer closet that we'll be implementing next weekend. We're going to take the washer and dryer, plus the shelves above them, out of the closet, paint the walls, tile the floor, put new shelves in, and put the washer and dryer back. This will take a couple of days but is entirely doable, and it needs it. I'm looking forward to the new shelves because everything's all helter skelter on the shelves we have and it could all be a lot better and more organized.

Our office Thanksgiving Lunch is today, and because of that, I had an irritating early morning. I made the hummus last night (it's getting rave reviews by the way--go figure) but this morning I needed to make the salad dressing and crunchy topping, plus assemble everything into containers and whatnot. I foolishly decided to bring a travel mug full of coffee, and I was able to wedge it into a paper bag so that it wouldn't spill. This worked out great until someone cut me off and I had to stop fast, and the bag fell over. It spilled and it must have spilled more than I thought because when I was carrying the bag from the parking lot to the office, the bottom fell out. I remained calm but was compelled to turn my face toward the heavens and hiss vehemently, which would probably have alarmed any onlookers, but I don't think anyone saw. I was a little late for staff meeting, but could not muster up the energy to care. And some dumbass decided we would have lunch at 2:00, and Hello, I'm Hungry! But whatever. Only a little while now.

I'm not in a horrible mood or anything, but I'm just too tired. Usually I can get more sleep on the weekends than I get during the week, but the past few weekends Esther has had her allergies and has been having coughing attacks in the middle of the night. She had attacks Friday, Saturday, and last night, and it's hard to go back to sleep after she coughs, because getting her a pill and shoving it down her throat wakes me up too much, and also Esther likes to get on my pillow and sit on my hair after an attack. It needs to Freeze already so her allergies will go away and we can all start sleeping again. I worry about her health, too. A lot.

That's about all for now, and it's getting close to 2:00, which is good because my stomach has started digesting my pancreas and needs some Real food. Talk to you later.


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