they do a lot of rock throwing in the middle east


That movie last night was super good--it was about Reuters photojournalists in Israel/Palestine. Parts of it were a little hard to watch (photos which included the severed heads of suicide bombers, for instance), but it was fascinating. While I was watching it part of my brain was thinking about whether I could ever be that kind of photojournalist, and I have to conclude NO. I can't see enjoying a life filled with rushing into the middle of dangerous situations in order to photograph them. That might make me just a little bit tense or something. Still, I have to say I'm glad there are people doing that job, because there are dangerous situations/stories that we should know about. And OH, some of those photos were just amazing.

Sonny told me something last night that pleased me. He has met the owner of the house we're buying and in fact the owner gave him a tour of the place (not quite sure how this came about but I think Sonny and the girls were walking past the house and a conversation was struck up). During the course of the tour the owner told Sonny he has completely rewired the house, which as you know I was hoping was the case. Yay! One less thing to worry about with the inspection. It's tomorrow morning, by the way, and I can hardly wait.

Another thing I can hardly wait for is for Francisco to come home tonight. I could jump up and down and clap my hands just thinking about it. I'm leaving at 4:00 today and will vacuum (which I didn't do the other night like I planned) and start dinner (ho-made mac and cheese, plus some vegetables) before he gets home. And then tomorrow after the inspection, we have another thing to look forward to: Lou's 6th birthday party. I have a strong feeling this will be a riotous event (people are traveling from the west side for this party) and I will take lots of pictures. Depending on how rowdy the party gets, I may get to experience a little taste of the life of a photojournalist.

Photo of the Day: I baked these especially for you and you won't even taste one!

I'm leaving work now. Have a great weekend!




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