my man's first 39th birthday



Yesterday I left work at 3:00 because it was Francisco's birthday and I wanted to go to a bakery and get him a little cake, and also go somewhere else to get him a card and a gift he didn't know about. He had gotten himself some bullet-making equipment he'd been wanting, and that was my gift to him (as well as listening to him tell me about why the equipment was so great), but I wanted to get him a little something as a surprise. I ended up with a small chocolate cake and a book I thought he'd like, and I got home at about 3:45. I wanted him to ask me about the bakery box, but he was purposely ignoring it, so finally I asked him if he was going to ask me about it. He said he thought he was supposed to pretend it wasn't there, and I said no, at which point he asked me what was in the box. "A piece of candy", I said, and if you don't think that made me gleeful, then you don't know me at all.

I made him his requested dinner of macaroni and cheese, plus salad, and he opened his gifts (got a couple of nice shirts from my parents), and that was basically it. He has made it very clear he's not interested in having birthday parties, so his birthday is always a pretty mild affair. We're going to breakfast on Sunday morning as Francisco's official birthday meal and then for a stealth hike right afterwards. The Boy (aka Sharky) is prone to bitching when notified in advance about an upcoming hike, so we'll just spring it on him all sudden-like, giving him little time to protest. It'll make the hike just that much better.

Otherwise this weekend, we'll do the cleaning and other chores and watch some Netflix and play a game or two. I'm also taking files home this weekend to work on, so that'll take a couple hours at some point. Tomorrow I plan to try and make a delicious Indian curry for dinner, because I've been craving curry today and feel sure I can enlist my best friend, the Interweb, to help me find a recipe.

Francisco and I walked to Whole Foods at lunch to get Dr. Bronner's soap (eucalyptus this time), dates, and oats, and on the way back I was thinking about Napoleon Dynamite, specifically Summer Wheatley's "vote for me as president" speech. I was thinking the next time I have to make a speech (which could be never, really), I could start out with her speech and then right after the part about putting a glitter bonnie bell dispenser into the girls' bathroom, I could do the whole, "wait a minute...this is the wrong speech..." thing. I think I spend way too much time considering my options for all unlikely contingencies.

Have a great weekend!

PS Spam wisdom of the day [another new feature? have I gone maaaaad?!], from Esteban Friend: "Daydreaming is useless. Our Rolexes bring you the luxurious feeling." Too true, Esteban. Too true. |


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