three days in heaven


In my job, I frequently (like every day) see students' class schedules and grades and etc, and my favorite favorite grade to see is D+. D+ makes me happy because D is obviously a bad grade to receive, but when the + is tacked on it's like a turd with a flower on top. Seeing a D+ makes me smile every time.

The other day I mentioned to Francisco how unhappy I've been at my job*, and even though nothing got resolved, it made me feel better to know that he wants me to be happy more than he wants to have a lot of money, and that he is open to me making an employment change. The next day he said I might feel happier about my job in the meantime if I started spending more of the money that I make, and though I am dubious (has he MET me? spending money makes me nervous, and I don't care about having a lot of stuff anyway) I've decided to give it a try. During our meeting yesterday morning at work, I made a short list of things I'm going to buy. Included are at least one pair of cute athletic-type shoes (for wearing to work; not for exercise), some carrot juice, and a new toothbrush. Look, I'm new at this money spending thing, alright? I need to work my way up to bigger ticket items. You know what, maybe I'll buy a serger--THAT'LL make Francisco backpedal on this whole Spend More Money scheme. Oh! I really need an office-type chair for my side of the long worktable/desk deal we've got going on upstairs now. I just added it to my list. I'm getting better at this already! Spending money might be a previously undiscovered talent of mine, but I hope not.

It appears the long saga of The Yarn Trade From Hell is almost over. You might remember me mentioning that I was doing a yarn trade with a chick from Ravelry, and that the yarn I sent her (the Kid Seta) had apparently been lost in the mail. I sent her yarn back (Katia Mexico) and two weeks after that she found out the Kid Seta had been at her post office the whole time--she says she didn't get the note they left her. She asked if I wanted the Katia Mexico back, and I said I did [really I couldn't imagine why she'd think I wouldn't], so she said she'd send it after Christmas. I contacted her a week ago to ask if I should have received the yarn, and she said she hadn't sent it because she was having some financial problems. Meanwhile she was knitting a scarf with the Kid Seta--I saw it on her projects--and I found that pretty annoying. I know from getting the Mexico the first time that it only cost her $3.14 to send it here, and though I am sorry she is having financial problems, I asked her to please send it soon so we can conclude this transaction which has dragged on for more than two months through no fault of mine. Naturally I did not hear back until yesterday, when I received a message consisting solely of a tracking number; it appears she is irritated that I asked her to honor the bargain she made with me. So, congratulations if you managed to read this entire paragraph, and I hope I will get that damn yarn soon. The End!

No big plans for the weekend--how about you? I'm just glad it's a three day deal; this week was even busier than last week. I plan to buy that desk chair this weekend, and maybe some curtain fabric. We're replacing our bedroom and guest room doors with curtains, and the upstairs room also needs a curtain on the closet, especially since it's stuffed with junk. Oh, and we're going to some antique stores to try and find our liquor cabinet. I had called it a bar in a previous entry, but I guess it's properly called a liquor cabinet. I'm hoping for an art deco kind of thing.

I'm so happy to be going home now. Have a great weekend!


* PLEASE NOTE: Even though I'm not happy with the work I'm doing, I AM happy to have the paycheck. I know how assholish it is for me to complain about my job when other people have been laid off and desperately need a job, and I am sorry for anyone in that situation. |


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