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So I just got back from my ovary ultrasound and it wasn't too bad. In addition to the normal belly ultrasound, I had to get an internal one as well (the images from that looked exactly like Shelob's lair), and between the two I guess she got all the pictures my fill-in doc will need. I asked the tech if she could give me a copy of a uterus picture so I could post my barren womb for the whole internet to see, but she thought I was kidding so I pretended I had been. She said The Fill-In will have my results by Thursday but if I know doctors, and by now I think I do, I won't hear from him until next week.

Today I also got my glasses prescription updated and ordered my new glasses--I'm so excited to get them! It'll be a couple weeks, though; the alien technology they use to make my glasses is very fussy stuff. My regular eye doctor is pregnant and last week she suddenly had to go on emergency bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, and I don't know how long that will be, but I would think 3 months at least (her belly wasn't too big). I feel so bad for her, but I'm glad she didn't lose her baby. She, too, has a fill-in, and that's who I saw today. If something happens to my dentist, I'm going to start feeling like a curse.

Get this. You know how I brag about how it's been 21 years since I last vomited? On Sunday we left the house to walk to Safeway (about 6 blocks) and two blocks in I felt like I was going to throw up. My mouth was watering like crazy and my stomach was roiling in a most unpleasant way. I was thinking, Oh my god, is this how it ends? I'm going to finish a 21 year vomit-free streak by barfing on the street like a drunk sorority girl? Fortunately it didn't happen, but I felt nauseated the rest of the day and for most of Monday also. I called in sick to work and spent the day feeling sorry for myself and watching movies from Netflix Instant Watch [btw, The Naked Civil Servant is really good]. I don't know if it was a stomach bug or what, but I'm better today. Coincidentally I started my period yesterday (sorry), and I hope this sort of thing doesn't start happening every month, because if it does I will want an elective hysterectomy.

Let's talk television. I don't have the Logo Channel (we don't have super premium rich person cable], but Project Rungay has been recapping episodes of The A-List (and embedding the full episodes at the end of the recaps) and I've been watching it there. I love it! It's totally sucked me in, drama and all. It might be too early to pick a favorite A-List Gay, but at this point I'm going with Ryan. His spending habits are ridiculous (though if I had his husband's money I'd probably do some ridiculous spending of my own) but aside from that he seems pretty normal.

Oh, 2nd television thing, we've been watching this new season of Survivor and I'm re-hooked. People are so crazy, especially that one actual crazy lady on the old person team. If you were on Survivor and you were compelled to fill a guy's shoes with sand and put them in the bay, would you then think the best course of action is to confess what you'd done? She's a loon.

Last thing (not television), we're getting a wood stove. Francisco's always wanted one, so we're having one put in. The stove and installation won't be cheap, but it will make for such cozy winters. It will also be nice to have a backup heat source for when the terrorists blow up the power grid or whatever, because right now our heat is completely electric and we have no backup. I don't really think about that kind of thing, but Francisco likes to plan ahead.




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