death twitch


I called Francisco earlier today to say hi, and I could hear him eating something. I asked him what he was eating, and he said, "I'm having a piece of candy." I asked what kind of candy, and he said he was having a Butterfinger. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't necessarily call that a "piece" of candy. Further questioning elicited the confession that the Butterfinger was king-sized, and there was much mocking and laughing. Piece of candy, indeed.

I'm alive and well and very busy at work; hence my lack of updating. Friday and yesterday were full of people coming to see me, and today has been full of reading appeals and most likely making people unhappy with my responses. I'm the Queen of No today and I don't like it, but I can't help it so I'm not letting it get to me.

Our visit with my sister and her hub this weekend was short but fun. We didn't do much other than hang out a little and eat some meals, but there's nothing wrong with that, right? The part of the weekend we didn't have our visitors involved doing chores, reading, and listening to music. I lead an exciting life.

Honestly I can't think of anything else to report, except I want to make a t-shirt featuring Ray-Bo from Carpocalypse, because I think he's my favorite. The referring to himself in the third person thing cracks me up. Oh, also I've had an eye twitch for over a week now. Is this an early sign of some dread disease? I'm not going to google it, because I just know I'd turn something up that would make me think I'm dying.

Home now.

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