I mean, come ON that would be so much fun


You know the rooftop patio I talked about having on our shipping container house? As I was laying in bed a couple of nights ago, I was thinking about how that could work, and the solution I like is putting a spiral staircase in the house that leads up to the roof (as opposed to having a staircase on the outside of the house). I was thinking that to make the opening in the roof as leakproof as possible, we should build a small structure to enclose it (like they have over stairway openings on the tops of skyscrapers). And THEN I was thinking we should construct and paint it to look like an old fashioned English police call box so we could call it The Tardis. Man I tell you, I come up with some pretty brilliant* ideas when I can't sleep.

Tonight we're having one of my favorite dinners--sweet potato peanut stew, ohhhh so gooooood--and we'll probably take a walk, since we haven't done that for too long, It's been a rainy week here, until today. This was a much slower and less stressy day at work than yesterday, so I got a lot done, and now I'm going home to a well deserved glass of wine and that delicious, delicious dinner. As for weekend activities, I don't know exactly what we'll be doing, but we have many things to do in/around the house, so I can virtually guarantee whatever we do will cause us sore muscles.

Talk to you next week,

*It's possible you may want to insert a different adjective here. |


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