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You know the lead singer from Train? Is it just me, or does his face resemble the shaved ass of a teddy bear?

Had a google search this morning for "woodchuck costume ideas" point someone to my diary. Which.....who would want to dress as a woodchuck? And why come see me? It's confusing all around.

We went to a toy store yesterday, to look for a birthday present for one of Boy's friends, and do you know some sexist toymaker puts out a housecleaning kit and child-sized vacuum cleaner (it really works!)? As toys?? If I had a daughter and she was foolish enough to mention wanting to play 'clean the house', I'd ask her why play when she could have the real thing. I'd load that kid up with windex and paper towels and put her to work. A toy housecleaning kit--I want to kick that toymaker right in the mantackle. OR buy the thing for somebody's little boy.

Boy got new sunglasses yesterday, and he could not love them more. To "accessorize" the sunglasses he donned a wife beater and karate pants (I think he was going for a Justin Timberlake--in his new video--look, but he'd never admit it). Boy was watching tv with his regular glasses on, but when he'd go upstairs to do getting ready for bed things, he'd switch and put on the sunglasses. And then turn on the light on the stairs because he couldn't see anything. He knew he was being silly, which made it okay to laugh at him. He's such a whimsical kid, and I love it.

Today is Francisco's birthday--he celebrated by getting a filling. This weekend he went to a skeet shooting workshop thingy on Saturday--he came home with a sore shoulder but he enjoyed it. Saturday night I made dinner and a blackberry birthday pie (like regular pie, but for a birthday), and after dinner we went and got Francisco's other ear pierced, so that they're both pierced now. I like that look a lot. Sunday we went to brunch at the French place we like, and also we watched another installment of I, Claudius. And we read and Boy played a video game.

We watched a Netflick this weekend: The Duelists. Did you see it? What was the point?? Not recommended.

Most of the diaries I read today mention The Matrix Reloaded. Am I the only one who didn't see this movie this weekend?

I know this is all short and not very flow-y, but man I ain't gots time to write a Good entry. It's been a crazy day and I can't see how I'll ever get all my stuff done before we go on vacation next month. I'm in pre-panic mode. I'll be working at night and on weekends, but I Still can't see getting done in time. Aiyiyi. I think this happens every year and I just forget.

Gotta run off now.


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